Desk Day-Dreaming

As I mentioned yesterday, I planned on being productive today… and I have been! I have done all of my reading assignments for the WHOLE week! Now, I just need to work on the written assignments that are due. But I’m having a problem…

In our tiny, 600 square foot apartment, that we have grotesquely outgrown… I am having growing pains in my homework area. Our living room is slightly cramped. By slightly, I mean OVERLY cramped. We have 3 bookshelves (on one wall) our TV and two night stand/organizers, all on the same wall. Against one of the nightstands and bookshelves we have pushed our coffee table which doesn’t suit our needs or the shape of our living room very well.. it’s square and our living room is much more rectangular. The coffee table serves the sole purpose of holding our unorganized belongings and mail collections. Next to the coffee table we have a box that is as long as the table that holds the surround sound speakers Tyler got for his 21st Birthday that didn’t come with a connection device… alas, we cannot use them… :(. One wall is our “back door.” However, we HAVE managed to find a way to push things up against it as well… our Guitar Hero drum set (sandwiched between the door, a bookshelf and our coffee table), and my “school area” crosses into its path as well. Next to the door, is my “school area” with an old TV stand that fits into the corner “perfectly.” Next you will find our futon that was previously Tyler’s bed all through high school (I’ll get to this in a minute), filled with TOO many blankets that we have accumulated over the years (we have enough to cover all “available” areas of the couch AND it is what takes up space under our bed)! Besides the couch is our shoe rack, then the front door. Circling around the living room, at this point you will reach our dinning room and kitchen “nook,” but the wall that completes the living room houses our humidifier, a floor fan, Dash’s box, and some old electronics that we haven’t gotten rid of yet and some pictures we have yet to hang (did I mention we have TONS of pictures covering the walls too, so we don’t have enough room to hang one more?).
PHEW! So… As of now, I sit on the couch closest to my “school area” and pull up my little table (sometimes) and do my homework. Or I put my laptop on a pillow (my version of a lap desk) and do my various duties (method for writing this post)! Tyler is curled up (well, actually stretched out) on the other end of the couch reading. He is 6’2″ (ish), so he can’t exactly “curl up.” AND don’t forget the dog! Although small, he requires space too! (And this is all just in our living room!!!!) Also, our couch (as I mentioned earlier- previously Tyler’s bed) is sinking in at the point where the seat meets the back support, so it is next to IMPOSSIBLE to sit without “rolling” and “sinking” into the couch… and I’m only 5’3″ so I can’t even think about my feet touching the ground. Nevertheless, it is not conducive to sitting in an active manner… it is much more geared toward a relaxing and sleeping position.
Alas, my growing pains of 1) a bigger apartment, 2) a better couch and 3) a nice, organized desk area for school. So, here are some pictures of my current day dreaming subject… my nice organized “school area”…

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