Leap ‘N Learn

The first week of school has come and gone. Exciting it was! And busy too! (That’s nothing new though!)

The first weekend of school was also busy and filled with more learning. The dance department brought in the Leap ‘N Learn Workshop for us to learn all about a wonderful way of teaching dance to the little ones! The workshop was Friday from 4:15-8:15pm; Saturday from 9am-5:30pm followed by dinner; and Sunday from 10-2:30pm… PHEW! But it was SO helpful and informative!

I had the pleasure and privilege of attending this workshop in the summer of 2007 by my Ballet teacher, my mentor and my boss Ms. Kay Sandel. She sent me to the workshop in Louisiana to help get me started in teaching my Pre-Ballet classes.

* Beverly Spell and I in Louisiana at the Leap ‘N Learn Workshop Summer 2007 *

So why would I want to hear the same information again? And seemingly “waste” my weekend? I see it the COMPLETE opposite way! First, the information wasn’t EXACTLY the same AND having now had 3 years of teaching the Pre-Ballet classes under my belt, I have been given fresh new ideas and ways of incorporating these wonderful and helpful principles! Leap ‘N Learn is based on the cognitive and physical developments of children 3-6 years old. It specializes in classroom management and discipline. All things young, inexperienced, and even some experienced teachers, need help with.

Now, I have a list of “goals” that I will slowly try and incorporate into my teaching plans. This weekend has provided me with some “twists” and additions to my already successful teaching plans. As a young teacher, finding out I would teach the younger children, it was a bit overwhelming. I mean, I LOVE little children, but I didn’t necessarily know what to do with them. However, with the help of Leap ‘N Learn, my boss Ms. Kay, my own experiences and my education at OCU, I have found a niche in teaching these little ones; these little bundles of joy. They really are the light in my life. I am so glad that I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to share my love for dance with the little ones, who have such a zest and joy for life. It is such a WONDERFUL experience!

So… a wasted weekend you ask? A “redundancy” of information? Absolutely not! Not to mention we are blessed with a Monday off of school because of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! 🙂 I plan to be SUPER productive in getting to the homework I didn’t do this weekend! 🙂

Until Next Time,


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