Back to School (Again!)

Well, it’s that time of year… AGAIN! Back to school tomorrow! πŸ™‚ I’m excited, and anxious and dreading it all in one… I’m ready for things to do and new things to learn (I’m taking some FUN classes that will help with my career path), but I’m dreading the inevitable stress that will come with being back in school. Oh well, this is what you can expect when you get to college… Stress but ALWAYS followed by fun and amazing friends!

This last week of break has been VERY hectic! I taught on Tuesday night, then Wednesday morning I was up DARK and EARLY (4am!) for a flight to KC! I spent Wednesday with my Dad and Haley doing various errands and hanging out! Thursday I had two doctor appointments and then one more on Friday before heading back to OKC. (Just check up doctor appointments before heading back to school). I was SUPER glad Haley’s school had Snow Days the whole week… I got to spend LOTS of time with her! πŸ™‚

Saturday I taught for 5 hours! (And it was WONDERFUL… I am certainly on the correct career path!) Then I did some cleaning, reorganizing and unpacking to get ready for the big BACK to SCHOOL day! Today consisted of some more last minute preparations for the upcoming semester…. laundry… Petco for Dash… the grocery store… coming home to do more unloading and cleaning and organizing… a quick lunch and then….. SHOPPING! Yes, I decided to treat myself to a day of SHOPPING! AND I only spent $10.10 of my own money! How perfect is that?! I went to JCPenny to get some new Winter clothes! (And I was able to get EVERYTHING on sale!) Then I headed to Bath and Bodyworks for some gift card redeeming! Then it was off to Target for MORE gift card redeeming! PHEW! Then, again, I came home and did some MORE unloading and organizing! πŸ™‚ Everything should be in its PERFECT place now!

All that’s left now, dinner and getting my bag ready for tomorrow (i.e. shoes, clothes, notebooks). Then tomorrow…. Tap at 9am, Choreography at 1:30p, Dance Studio Management! (YAY!) at 3pm, and Jazz Pedagogy at 4pm! Tuesday will be Jazz! (YAY!) and then I have my first MASTERS class!!! YAY! (Ok, so I guess I AM more excited than anything!)

Until Next Time,

P.S. Sorry for the continuously boring play-by-play… (especially without pictures)…


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