Winter Wonderland 2009

We survived our Christmas adventure of 2009! (And all the snow that came with it!) In 4.5 days we traveled nearly 1,000 miles between Plad, Missouri (my Grandparent’s House), Kansas City and Oklahoma City. We were able to spend about 3 days at my Grandparent’s House, which was REALLY nice! Then we headed to KC to have Christmas with Tyler’s Mom, Step dad and Dad. It was a really nice trip and I actually didn’t feel like we were rushed in our visits until the end. Of course, it’s never enough time to see everyone and do everything we wanted to, but it was better than previous trips time wise.

Some highlights of the trip include:

*TOO many hours of Uno, Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Dominoes.
* Monopoly of TOTAL DOMINATION via my mother! She is a tyrannical monopolizer! 😉 *
*Fort building with Haley and Dash.
*Over 2 feet of snow between the three places (2-3 inches in Plad, 6 inches when we got to KC, 2 more inches before we left KC and 11-14 inches in OKC!).
*15 hours in a car (almost 1,000 miles total) in 4.5 days!
*Dash’s new Sweater and 3 IDENTICAL stockings filled with Penguin toys! 🙂
*Dash with his new sweater and playing with my Grandpa!*

*Dash pooped from playing so hard… he NEVER sleeps on the floor by himself unless he is EXHAUSTED!*
*Movies and itunes $!
*Snuggies (made by Tyler’s Mom) and Blankets.
*Penguin and Dancer Paraphernalia/ Decorations.

*Dash asleep on Tyler’s arm, only MINUTES outside of KC on our way to OKC!*

We made it back to OKC about 11pm on Sunday night. By then the roads weren’t too bad, until we hit our street and parking lot. Monday I spent the day relaxing, watching TV and unpacking our goodies! We also played Guitar Hero 5 (my present to Tyler). Today I watched even more TV and that’s about it. I’ve been watching a Marathon on TLC called The Little Couple. It’s a really sweet show about a dwarf couple who is newly married. They are the sweetest people ever! (And the show does a really nice job of showing them in a good light, not condescending at all). Tomorrow I hope to be a LITTLE more “active” and not so glued to the TV. Maybe I’ll start reading a good book, uploading my CDs on to my computer/ipod (I have a lot of songs on my ipod, but I have a lot of CDs to get through still), cleaning (probably NOT), scrap booking or some other activity I feel inclined to do. Basically, I’m trying to enjoy my all too short break from school. I’ve heard rumors of people getting bored and wanting to head back to school already… and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE school, but I am thoroughly enjoying my break and not quite ready for it to end yet.

I bought my plane tickets tonight to head to KC next week for 3 days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) for doctor appointments and whatnot. That should be fun.

Before I leave, I need to mention that my cat Sassy was put to sleep this morning. The vet thinks she had Leukemia or some sort of “serious” complication. She was a great little kitty who wandered into our front yard right before my 12th Birthday. Now she is in Heaven playing with Dolly and Holly and all the other dogs and cats up there, hopefully not in pain anymore. Thankfully, I was able to see her for a few short minutes before we came home after Christmas. Rest in peace “Sassy Cat.”

*Sassy Cat*

*Sassy playing with my Mom’s necklace*

Until Next Time,

P.S. I might have some more pictures to share when my Grandma sends me the ones we took from her camera. 🙂


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