Show Week, Finals, and the Beginning of Break!

Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t promise a quick update between the last post and this one. If I had, then I would have failed big time! It has been a CrAzY busy two weeks! I will try and recap to the best of my ability… they are kind of a blur at this point!

My last update was actually my Grandma’s Birthday so… Happy VERY belated Birthday Grandma!!!! 🙂

My Advertising Final (that I mentioned was the morning after my last post) went well… I didn’t really do a lot of studying (‘Bad Megan’), but I felt pretty confident about it afterwards! Teaching in the Community Dance Center was over, so we had lots of classes and time to prepare for our finals. It was also a Tech Rehearsal that night. Tech Rehearsals were, interesting, to say the least. They lasted a little later than I think everyone was expecting them to. Monday night we were in the theatre from 7pm to 1am. It just took a while to get things started. Tuesday was a normal Tuesday, minus Tech Rehearsal for Act II (just not in the normal routine). It went from about 7pm to 12:30am. Again, we were just off to a slow start. Wednesday was Dress Rehearsal. There were some issues we ended up having to take care of afterwards in regards to the technical aspects so we were there until 12am-12:30am ish. (I don’t remember exactly… it’s been a while! 😉 ). Then Thursday the show OPENED! The shows went really well, just minor technical errors here and there, probably things the audience didn’t even notice! Overall, it was a really great experience. It gave me a whole new respect for the management side of things (behind the scenes). I will definitely take a different perspective towards the late night rehearsals when I am on the performing side.

December 12th (that Saturday) was 1 year since Dash’s eye surgery. I must say that he is doing better than ever. It was certainly a scary situation for “new parents,” but our baby is just like any other dog, only about 100% more spoiled! He just loves life and doesn’t seem to have a care in the world, unless he hears a strange noise or birds chirping on T.V.! 🙂
*Dash curled up on a blanket*
*Although this is bad quality, Dash fell asleep using his toy, Sonic, as a pillow. (His contrasting colors really throws off my phones white balance and flash… it’s hard to get a decent and bright picture of him)*

Sunday’s Strike went really well for the Sound Crew. The show ended at about 4pm and we were all packed up and heading home around 6:30pm. It was a nice treat after a long and stressful week. Especially since Monday was the beginning of… dun, dun, dun….. FINALS WEEK!!!!

Monday I didn’t have any finals. I taught Monday night and that was it! Tuesday I had lunch with Elizabeth, our last one for the semester 😦 then my Choreography Final and then teaching again. Wednesday I had my Ballet Pedagogy Final and Tap Pedagogy Final, followed by videoing the December Senior Graduate Solo Performances. My roommate from Freshman and Sophomore year, Alicia graduated! So weird and so exciting! 🙂 Thursday I had my Tap Final and my Ballet Final. My Finals were OFFICIALLY over! 🙂 It was a stressful week (more so than I had anticipated), but all in all I think I did fairly well on my finals. Friday I worked graduation (my last ceremony to work!). I was a VIP/Speaker Escort. That was an exciting job! Then Saturday I taught my Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet classes.

I am officially done now until January 11th! Teaching starts back up on the 5th, but I’m not really counting that. By then, I’m sure I’ll be ready for a routine again! As for my break so far, I read a book called “Haunted” by Martha Graham, which was a lot better than I ever expected it to be. I just picked it up for something (non-school related) to do, and turns out it was a good and quick read! 🙂

Today, Tyler and I slept in (YAY for no alarms!) Then we went and did Laundry (after getting donuts for breakfast!). Then we headed to Blockbuster by our laundry mat because it is going out of business and had movies for $.99! We bought 5 movies for less than $10 each! (New movies were more than $.99). We got: Forrest Gump, Razzle Dazzle, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Enter the Dragon and Super Troopers (the last two are Tyler’s). I watched Razzle Dazzle and Benjamin Button today. Good movies. We also baked a Ham for dinner tonight (Tyler got a Ham for his Holiday Bonus, and since we are traveling for Christmas, we thought we would eat it for lunch meat as well).

As for tomorrow, I am planning a trip to Wally World to get some last minute things before we head out to Plad, Missouri for Christmas (First Stop on the trip)! I am SOOO excited to get to see our families! It will be SO nice to spend some quality time in the country and with our families!

I will try not to be too much of a stranger over the break. We’ll see how that goes (no promises). I hope to be “productive” by reading, relaxing and getting the apartment back in order. Because of the last months craziness, it appears a Tornado has come through here (which, is possible). So that is the plan for the next 3 weeks! I know it won’t end up being long enough to do all that I want, but it is certainly nice to have 3 weeks of nothing ahead of me. It’s nice to occasionally have no plans! 🙂 So….

Until Next Time,

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