Blocking Weekend!

Blocking weekend is officially over! I was in the theatre Friday night from 7-10:30pm, Saturday from 3-9:30pm and today from 9:30am-2pm running the Sound for the American Spirit Dance Company’s Home for the Holidays Show that opens on Thursday! This week “Show Week” begins! We will be in the theatre ALL WEEK. Monday and Tuesday are Tech Rehearsals, Wednesday is Dress Rehearsal and the show runs from Thursday-Sunday (5 Shows total).

I really the weekend and being able to watch the show from the audience’s perspective. It certainly is a different experience than seeing it from either the side of the stage or even being able to see any of it! It will be fun getting to see all the costumes and every bit come together!

This week, I’m sure, will be fun, exciting, long, stressful and full of holiday cheer! I am excited for the week to begin!

As for the rest of the day… maybe watching a movie and hopefully being SEMI-Productive… I have a final tomorrow morning and 2 projects due Thursday and Friday. That will certainly keep me busy on top of the late night rehearsals…. but that’s the life of the college dancer! 🙂

I’ll leave you with a picture of Dash! 🙂 My sweet baby doggie! 🙂

Until Next Time,


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