Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!!
I had a very nice and relaxing week (5 days) off of school. Although we didn’t make it home this year (our first major Holiday away from the family), I did enjoy some nice quiet time. I spent all of the break rereading the Twilight Series. I started reading it last Saturday and finished around 2:30am today. I would be so bold as to say its better the second time around 🙂 I’m not one to reread books. I’ve only reread 2 other books in my life: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (I read it once then wanted to read the whole series about 2 years later so I reread it) and then my FAVORITE book from elementary school- The Man who Loved Clowns… such a good book. My 5th grade teacher read it to us and I loved it so much I read it at least once on my own. And now, I have reread the entire Twilight Saga… loving every minute of it….

Now I just wish I had another week off of school to catch up on school work, cleaning, TV shows, etc. Really though, I don’t have much left in the semester to keep me busy so my break from school was much needed and not a hindrance at all 🙂
I spent all of today gearing up for the final 3 weeks of the semester. They will go by SO fast… 2 weeks of class (1 of which is our Home for the Holidays Show so I will be ultra busy with NON-Class things that week) followed by a week of finals… then I’m home-free! 🙂 Christmas will be here before we know it!!! (I am debating on putting my Christmas wish list on here or not… we’ll see).

*Dash Sleeping on a box… His new favorite “hang out” spot. He relaxed
a lot with me this week while I was busy reading 🙂 *

So, after a nice 4.5 days off of school… it’s back to the grind tomorrow….

Until Next Time,



I.O.U.- A better update :)

Sorry it has been SO incredibly long since I last updated. I don’t really have much to update about at the moment because I am so engulfed in rereading Twilight! (I started it yesterday and have every intention of finishing the first book today and POSSIBLY starting the New Moon very soon after). It’s even better the second time around!
The Twilight Saga has been on my mind the last few days. I went to see the New Moon movie at midnight on Friday morning (after seeing Twilight at 9pm on Thursday night)…. It was SO worth it and So exciting for my 1st Midnight movie ever! It really was a great movie!

*Katy and I in our “New Moon” T-shirts before our MUCH ANTICIPATED movie!*

I promise I will give you a better update and attempt to recap the last 2 weeks of my life soon… Probably over Thanksgiving break… right now… I just really want to get back to reading Twilight! 🙂

Until Next Time,


Weekend Update :)

*Drum Roll….*

I found out Thursday morning before my Tap Test that I was…. ACCEPTED INTO THE MFA FAST TRACK PROGRAM!!!! YAY! I will take my first class in the Spring and be considered a “Graduate Student” upon Graduation in May. I will “officially” begin classes one week after my Undergraduate Graduation, in the Summer of 2010! If everything goes according to plan, I will graduate with my Master of Fine Arts in Dance in December of 2011! (That will be here BEFORE I know it!) Here is a picture of both of my Acceptance Letters! The one on top is for the MFA program, the one on bottom is my University Acceptance letter! 🙂 So excited!!!

After the excitement of this week, and the stress of the past couple of weeks (school work, teaching, waiting to find out and applying to my MFA and lastly Homecoming)… this weekend was MUCH needed! I spent most of Saturday sleeping (well I just took a LONG nap). Then Tyler and I went out to eat at Ted’s (a Mexican Restaurant). Here are some pics of Dash and Tyler playing before dinner…. I love these two.. they are so funny! 🙂

After all the playing, and a YUMMY dinner, both Tyler and Dash were EXHAUSTED… Here is Dash all cuddled up with Tyler on the couch… he’s just like a little person… 🙂
Saturday night I wasn’t tired so I stayed up until almost 3am for the first time in a while! I decided to do some productive things at about 12am 🙂 Then I slept in until almost 9:30am this morning…. we did laundry, ran a couple of errands and came home. I have been working on my Advertising Portfolio all day and then slowly starting to check things off my to-do list… such as sewing Dash’s two favorite toys that he has almost ripped the arms off of…. this has been on my list for almost two months now…. He was SO happy to have them back and is currently trying to get me to play with him and his new found toys! It’s really like the best day of his life! He is SO happy… he could hardly wait for me to finish sewing them…. Here he is during a “resting” period… it lasted all of 5 seconds… 🙂

Well, that’s about all for this update… I’ll let you know how the week goes as it happens!
Until Next Time,
P.S. My Aunt Kathy was able to go home from the hospital 52 days after her surgery! Once she got out of the ICU things just went SO quickly! Hopefully she’ll have a speedy and safe FULL recovery… There is still a long road ahead of her though!
P.P.S. Here is a picture I snapped of my Creative Dance Class at The Pointe Performing Arts Center on Costume Day (the Monday before Halloween)… They were SO cute! 🙂
P.P.P.S. I know I have been slacking in MY picture taking lately, so I am going to try and do better….Try being the Key!
P.P.P.P.S. (Does this even exist?) I wanted to wish a Happy Belated Birthday to my Grandpa!!! I haven’t had a chance to call and say Hi for a few days… So I thought it might be easier to catch you all this way! I love you!!!! 🙂
Phew…. The end! 🙂

Firsts and Lasts

Stopping by for just a short update….

It’s official… I am enrolled in my LAST undergraduate classes, set to graduate in May 2010! AND I enrolled in my FIRST MFA classes to begin in the Spring semester! 🙂 I was also informed I was officially accepted into the University and after I submit my Application Essay to the Dance Department, I will find out if I’m accepted into the Master of Fine Arts in Dance Program! *Keep your fingers crossed!*

That’s all for today!

Until Next Time,

Happy November! :)

Happy November 1st and belated Halloween!

Since my last post, nothing out of the ordinary has occurred… Just a normal end to the week. Halloween basically came and went. Tyler and I rented a some scary movies. We watched “The Skeptic” with Tim Daily and “Drag Me to Hell” last night; both creepy movies (“Drag Me to Hell” was eh in my opinion). This morning I watched “Every Little Step” the documentary about the revival of “A Chorus Line” on Broadway! So very neat! Tonight, Tyler and I are going to watch “The Last House on the Left” as one last “hoo-rah” for Halloween! 😉

Tyler informed me that he already got my Christmas present. Not only did he already get it, he has it at my mom’s house and SHE knows about it too!!! Neither one of them felt it was important to tell me! GR! AND my mom STILL won’t tell me what it is! GR! I think I’ll survive not knowing because Christmas is SO close. I still can’t believe he already got it! I have just STARTED to think about what I want for Christmas! So, now the search must begin for the perfect Christmas gift for Tyler, who usually just buys everything he wants anyways…. GR! Boys! 😉

Well, I’m off to do some more productive things and “watch” Bull Riding or Tyler playing his video games… 😉

Happy Sunday!

Until Next Time,

P.S. My Aunt is now out of the ICU, 6 weeks to the day after her third open heart surgery! She is finally in her own private room! 🙂 Yay!!! The power of prayer! ❤