I’m a Senior… WHAT?!

Happy Tuesday! (I felt like it was a different day between all of my various activities today ha…)

So far this has just been an all-around amazing start to the week. First off, my productivity has seeped into my week! That RARELY happens, so I’m *knocking on wood* that it sticks around for a while! 🙂

Yesterday was seemingly a “normal” Monday. First up, advertising. Then Ballet where we had a Master Class with an Alumni from the school who is the Dance Captain for the Wicked National Tour! So exciting… it was a Fosse Class (during Ballet?!) and was SO amazing!!! At the end, Jo Rowan (Chairman of the Department) decided we needed a “Senior Performance”… Guess who that includes?! ME! Because I’m a Senior!!! AHHH! It was my first real moment to realize…. “Hey, dude, you’re a Senior… life for real!” Very… very…. VERY weird! So that certainly had me on a high for the rest of the day which included teaching and then a meeting with my Banquet Committee Chairs. 🙂

Today, I went and looked at a potential location for Banquet… it might be the one… but I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket yet (isn’t that the saying?). I am planning to set up visits with one or two other locations in the next week or so. Then to my surprise, after a hectic start to the morning, I had two hours until class! In Choreography we watched YouTube videos all class! Then a LONG break before teaching in the Community Dance Center. Then it was time for our SAM Meeting! We had an Alumni Panel that consisted of faculty members! It is SO exciting to hear all their journeys and how their education at OCU helped them in their careers! It was very inspiring. I could listen to them talk for DAYS!

The meeting tonight, along with my great day, has really got some wheels turning in my head. One of the Alumni tonight was saying how life is all about “finding your next big adventure.” I have never really been an “adventurous” person exactly. I am much more of an observer. I love to listen to stories, I love to watch people, I love to hear about other people’s crazy encounters and not necessarily have my own to tell. Some people may think that is a “sad” way to live life, however, it has worked out pretty well for me. Well, now I’m wondering, what is my next “big adventure?” As I’m about ready to “embark” on the next phase of life, I am left wondering, maybe my next big adventure doesn’t need to be a HUGE change from now. I have wondered, if staying to do my MFA was a smart choice because nothing would really change. It wouldn’t be like I was moving on in life if I simply stayed to continue my education. Would it? Well after tonight, and the events of the last couple of days, I’m starting to realize, my next big adventure might involve me staying here. If I can listen to the professors, the professors I have spent HOURS upon HOURS with for the last 3.5 years, talk for almost 2 hours without tiring, maybe I’m not done learning from them. Maybe I’m supposed to get more from them. There is a BIG world out there, and I may not be quite ready to embark on a completely new adventure yet. I still want to find my place in the world. So yes, staying at OCU to get my MFA might be “playing it safe,” but it might also open new doors for me that might not otherwise have opened. Now, I am just WAITING for my letter from the University telling me if I should proceed with this line of thinking, or if I need a serious contingency plan…. so… “Please, Mr. Postman, check and see, is there a letter for me?” 🙂

Until Next Time,


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