Welcome Back!

*PHEW* Like I promised in my last post… this one will be MUCH more interesting… Well to me it is anyways!

Choreography Show has come and gone. It was a GREAT show and made me SO proud of my class! The show was called “Perfect 10” for the class of 2010!!! YIKES! Although, our class is small, we are mighty! It was a fantastic show! Show week was VERY laid back compared to previous years! I was home EVERY night by 10pm! (THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!) On Friday my mom came into town! She watched my Ballet class on Friday and LOVED it (to the point that she cried during our reverence… silly mom 🙂 ) And she LOVED the show! Over the course of the weekend, we found many fun adventures: We made a trip to POPS in Arcadia, OK where there are over 500 different kinds of Soda in the old fashioned bottles! It was a cute little place! Then we went to the Oklahoma State Museum… it was very interesting! Then Sunday I had a Master Class with the Alvin Ailey II Company! Very neat! THEN it was off to the Black Eyed Peas/ U2 Concert in Norman! It was Tyler’s first concert and SO fun!!!! Monday we took my computer to get fixed (my Windows crashed- UGH!) and then Mommy headed home… 😦 It was a very sad day.

Pictures from the Weekend with Mommy:

* Choreography Show Cast with our Choreographer!*

*Tyler Jammin’ at the OK State Museum’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Exhibit!*

*Tyler at his FIRST Concert! 🙂 Despite his face, he enjoyed it! 🙂 *

* Mommy and I at the Concert… it was COLD.. but I was prepared (long sleeves, a hoodie, my winter jacket, jeans, my ballet wool tights, gloves AND a blanket! 🙂 )*

*The Concert Stage! SO COOL! U2’s 360 Tour!*

Yes… My computer crashed… 😦 LUCKILY… Everything was saved AND I now have the NEW Windows 7 on my computer! 🙂 Almost a week later, I have my computer back now and everything is working! And I’m very glad I now have an External Hard Drive to back up all my files now! It made my Thursday VERY hectic and crazy, but I’m all better now that I have it back! 🙂

Fall Break was Monday and Tuesday… so after Mommy left, I did a lot of reading and resting (and teaching). Then for our three day week- it was JAM PACKED! Wednesday wasn’t so bad, it was Thursday that was intense! I was playing phone tag with a potential Banquet location… UGH so frustrating… and on the phone CONSTANTLY about my computer… Friday was back to “normal.” Today was the Admissions Audition for the Dance Department so I was at school a lot working that… There were SO many kiddos from the Intensives this summer… It was SOOO great to see them all!!!

Tomorrow, its laundry, homework and preparing for the week and maybe going to see Dracula by the Tulsa Ballet in OKC! Then next week is HALLOWEEN WEEK!!! *CrAzY!!!*

Well, I’m off to enjoy my Saturday night and to get my life organized!!!! 🙂

Until Next Time,


P.S. Did I mention I turned in my application to the University for Graduate School?! YIKES! Still waiting to hear back! 🙂



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