The Weekend of "To-Dos"

Well, it was our first weekend at home in what seems like forever! It was absolutely WONDERFUL just staying home and not having to stress about packing, driving safely, and getting home in time to get up on Monday. (That doesn’t mean I don’t miss my family like CRAZY- because I do.)

Friday night, I came home from class at 6pm and was asleep, yes ASLEEP, by 9pm. I was just pooped! (After watching some America’s Funniest Home Videos- SO funny!)
On Saturday, I taught my Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet Classes (for the first time in three weeks). It was good to see my girlies again! Then a Staff Meeting at OCU for the Community Dance Center. Saturday night, Tyler and I went to the movies and saw Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D with the promotion of 2 for the price of 1. It was a fun date night. We went to an earlier showing (6:30pm) because the total time was about 4 hours, and the 10:30pm showing would have been WAY too late haha. It was a lot of fun. All the kiddos were so cute and SO excited! It was tons of fun!
Sunday we woke up and did laundry, went to Walmart, and the grocery store (we NEEDED food!). Then I came home and tackled my “To-Do” list:
*My Banquet Notebook (which I created yesterday) and THE To Do List! *
*My other BIG project this weekend- My Advertising Portfolio. We have to make a portfolio of different types of Advertisements, so this is the start of it- I spent a good protion of the day sorting through magazines to get ads. I think I’ll be good to go now. 🙂 *
I didn’t get everything completed but I did make an impact! Then I had a SAM EXEC meeting (for the first time since the beginning of September). I now have a location to contact for our Banquet!!! 🙂 Then I came home and Tyler and I watched our new TV show- Flash Forward. Its a interesting show. I like it so far, we’ll just see….
Speaking of TV there are SOOOO many shows on that I like right now… It’s kind of hard to 1) catch up with them all and 2) not procrastinate on my homework to watch them. 🙂
The shows I’m watching at the moment (only evening TV):
1) Modern Family
2) Cougar Town (If I can catch it)
3) Flash Forward
4) Grey’s Anatomy
5) Private Practice
6) So You Think You Can Dance (I have tons of catching up to do on this show 😦 )
*Phew* Who knows how I make enough time for these shows! 🙂
Well, thats all for today… The next couple of weeks are going to be busier (with the SHOW coming up on October 16th!) I will update you as I find the time!
Until Next Time,

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