I’m a Senior… WHAT?!

Happy Tuesday! (I felt like it was a different day between all of my various activities today ha…)

So far this has just been an all-around amazing start to the week. First off, my productivity has seeped into my week! That RARELY happens, so I’m *knocking on wood* that it sticks around for a while! 🙂

Yesterday was seemingly a “normal” Monday. First up, advertising. Then Ballet where we had a Master Class with an Alumni from the school who is the Dance Captain for the Wicked National Tour! So exciting… it was a Fosse Class (during Ballet?!) and was SO amazing!!! At the end, Jo Rowan (Chairman of the Department) decided we needed a “Senior Performance”… Guess who that includes?! ME! Because I’m a Senior!!! AHHH! It was my first real moment to realize…. “Hey, dude, you’re a Senior… life for real!” Very… very…. VERY weird! So that certainly had me on a high for the rest of the day which included teaching and then a meeting with my Banquet Committee Chairs. 🙂

Today, I went and looked at a potential location for Banquet… it might be the one… but I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket yet (isn’t that the saying?). I am planning to set up visits with one or two other locations in the next week or so. Then to my surprise, after a hectic start to the morning, I had two hours until class! In Choreography we watched YouTube videos all class! Then a LONG break before teaching in the Community Dance Center. Then it was time for our SAM Meeting! We had an Alumni Panel that consisted of faculty members! It is SO exciting to hear all their journeys and how their education at OCU helped them in their careers! It was very inspiring. I could listen to them talk for DAYS!

The meeting tonight, along with my great day, has really got some wheels turning in my head. One of the Alumni tonight was saying how life is all about “finding your next big adventure.” I have never really been an “adventurous” person exactly. I am much more of an observer. I love to listen to stories, I love to watch people, I love to hear about other people’s crazy encounters and not necessarily have my own to tell. Some people may think that is a “sad” way to live life, however, it has worked out pretty well for me. Well, now I’m wondering, what is my next “big adventure?” As I’m about ready to “embark” on the next phase of life, I am left wondering, maybe my next big adventure doesn’t need to be a HUGE change from now. I have wondered, if staying to do my MFA was a smart choice because nothing would really change. It wouldn’t be like I was moving on in life if I simply stayed to continue my education. Would it? Well after tonight, and the events of the last couple of days, I’m starting to realize, my next big adventure might involve me staying here. If I can listen to the professors, the professors I have spent HOURS upon HOURS with for the last 3.5 years, talk for almost 2 hours without tiring, maybe I’m not done learning from them. Maybe I’m supposed to get more from them. There is a BIG world out there, and I may not be quite ready to embark on a completely new adventure yet. I still want to find my place in the world. So yes, staying at OCU to get my MFA might be “playing it safe,” but it might also open new doors for me that might not otherwise have opened. Now, I am just WAITING for my letter from the University telling me if I should proceed with this line of thinking, or if I need a serious contingency plan…. so… “Please, Mr. Postman, check and see, is there a letter for me?” 🙂

Until Next Time,


Welcome Back!

*PHEW* Like I promised in my last post… this one will be MUCH more interesting… Well to me it is anyways!

Choreography Show has come and gone. It was a GREAT show and made me SO proud of my class! The show was called “Perfect 10” for the class of 2010!!! YIKES! Although, our class is small, we are mighty! It was a fantastic show! Show week was VERY laid back compared to previous years! I was home EVERY night by 10pm! (THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!) On Friday my mom came into town! She watched my Ballet class on Friday and LOVED it (to the point that she cried during our reverence… silly mom 🙂 ) And she LOVED the show! Over the course of the weekend, we found many fun adventures: We made a trip to POPS in Arcadia, OK where there are over 500 different kinds of Soda in the old fashioned bottles! It was a cute little place! Then we went to the Oklahoma State Museum… it was very interesting! Then Sunday I had a Master Class with the Alvin Ailey II Company! Very neat! THEN it was off to the Black Eyed Peas/ U2 Concert in Norman! It was Tyler’s first concert and SO fun!!!! Monday we took my computer to get fixed (my Windows crashed- UGH!) and then Mommy headed home… 😦 It was a very sad day.

Pictures from the Weekend with Mommy:

* Choreography Show Cast with our Choreographer!*

*Tyler Jammin’ at the OK State Museum’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Exhibit!*

*Tyler at his FIRST Concert! 🙂 Despite his face, he enjoyed it! 🙂 *

* Mommy and I at the Concert… it was COLD.. but I was prepared (long sleeves, a hoodie, my winter jacket, jeans, my ballet wool tights, gloves AND a blanket! 🙂 )*

*The Concert Stage! SO COOL! U2’s 360 Tour!*

Yes… My computer crashed… 😦 LUCKILY… Everything was saved AND I now have the NEW Windows 7 on my computer! 🙂 Almost a week later, I have my computer back now and everything is working! And I’m very glad I now have an External Hard Drive to back up all my files now! It made my Thursday VERY hectic and crazy, but I’m all better now that I have it back! 🙂

Fall Break was Monday and Tuesday… so after Mommy left, I did a lot of reading and resting (and teaching). Then for our three day week- it was JAM PACKED! Wednesday wasn’t so bad, it was Thursday that was intense! I was playing phone tag with a potential Banquet location… UGH so frustrating… and on the phone CONSTANTLY about my computer… Friday was back to “normal.” Today was the Admissions Audition for the Dance Department so I was at school a lot working that… There were SO many kiddos from the Intensives this summer… It was SOOO great to see them all!!!

Tomorrow, its laundry, homework and preparing for the week and maybe going to see Dracula by the Tulsa Ballet in OKC! Then next week is HALLOWEEN WEEK!!! *CrAzY!!!*

Well, I’m off to enjoy my Saturday night and to get my life organized!!!! 🙂

Until Next Time,


P.S. Did I mention I turned in my application to the University for Graduate School?! YIKES! Still waiting to hear back! 🙂


Where did Fall go?

It’s officially Midterm time! And FALL! Only, I feel like Fall was kind of skipped over, at least the last couple of days we’ve fast forwarded to Winter. Here is a recap of my week:

Monday: Classes and I observed class in the Community Dance Center so I didn’t get to teach my classes at the Pointe. Then I had rehearsal.

Tuesday: School and teaching 🙂

Wednesday: School and the final Choreography Show Looksee- Can’t believe the show is next Friday! I also had a meeting with my Academic Advisor because our Spring 2010 schedule came out (my FINAL Undergraduate Schedule!!!). Turns out I will only have 11 credit hours! You have to have 12 to be considered full time, so I will either be taking a silly class or I might (MAYBE) start my MFA in the spring!!! (Just a class or two)… YIKES- SCARY! And that’s provided I 1) get accepted and 2) Tyler, myself and the family decide this is a good idea… I’ll keep you posted…

Thursday: Classes like normal and then TV night with Tyler. 🙂 Then a Chilli’s Date w/ the Dance Ped Girls! So much fun! 🙂

Friday: Classes like normal…. for some reason, come Friday I am SO exhausted and done with school… How did I ever survive having classes until 8pm on Fridays? Tyler and I watched Footloose Friday night… I love that movie! 🙂

Saturday: Woke up and taught my Pre-Ballet and Creative Movement classes. I love those kids! Then I came home and DID NOT want to do homework… I felt this weekend needed to be stress free and relaxing. So I caught up on my SYTYCD shows (I have one left to be completely caught up) and watched some scary/Halloween type shows/movies with Tyler.

Sunday: Today we woke up and did laundry- It was PACKED and there were some *CrAzY* kids running around so I was slightly annoyed… at one point Tyler leaned over to me and asked… “Do you think there are some people that just shouldn’t be allowed to have kids?” And I replied…”YES!” It was WAY bad… 😦 Then it was off to my last Blocking Rehearsal for Choreography Show! It was fun and lots of hard work… now I’m trying to convince myself to be productive, however with the 48 degree weather (which is being generous), I feel like cuddling up on the couch with a nice warm blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and watching TV and movies ALL DAY! (Maybe I will 🙂 )….

My week was pretty uneventful, but kept me busy none-the-less. Up next week: SHOW WEEK!!!! Mom will be here on FRIDAY!!! 🙂 So I’m sure my next update will be much more interesting! 🙂

Until Next Time,

P.S. I’m SO excited my Grandma and Dad are on Facebook now! 🙂

The Weekend of "To-Dos"

Well, it was our first weekend at home in what seems like forever! It was absolutely WONDERFUL just staying home and not having to stress about packing, driving safely, and getting home in time to get up on Monday. (That doesn’t mean I don’t miss my family like CRAZY- because I do.)

Friday night, I came home from class at 6pm and was asleep, yes ASLEEP, by 9pm. I was just pooped! (After watching some America’s Funniest Home Videos- SO funny!)
On Saturday, I taught my Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet Classes (for the first time in three weeks). It was good to see my girlies again! Then a Staff Meeting at OCU for the Community Dance Center. Saturday night, Tyler and I went to the movies and saw Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D with the promotion of 2 for the price of 1. It was a fun date night. We went to an earlier showing (6:30pm) because the total time was about 4 hours, and the 10:30pm showing would have been WAY too late haha. It was a lot of fun. All the kiddos were so cute and SO excited! It was tons of fun!
Sunday we woke up and did laundry, went to Walmart, and the grocery store (we NEEDED food!). Then I came home and tackled my “To-Do” list:
*My Banquet Notebook (which I created yesterday) and THE To Do List! *
*My other BIG project this weekend- My Advertising Portfolio. We have to make a portfolio of different types of Advertisements, so this is the start of it- I spent a good protion of the day sorting through magazines to get ads. I think I’ll be good to go now. 🙂 *
I didn’t get everything completed but I did make an impact! Then I had a SAM EXEC meeting (for the first time since the beginning of September). I now have a location to contact for our Banquet!!! 🙂 Then I came home and Tyler and I watched our new TV show- Flash Forward. Its a interesting show. I like it so far, we’ll just see….
Speaking of TV there are SOOOO many shows on that I like right now… It’s kind of hard to 1) catch up with them all and 2) not procrastinate on my homework to watch them. 🙂
The shows I’m watching at the moment (only evening TV):
1) Modern Family
2) Cougar Town (If I can catch it)
3) Flash Forward
4) Grey’s Anatomy
5) Private Practice
6) So You Think You Can Dance (I have tons of catching up to do on this show 😦 )
*Phew* Who knows how I make enough time for these shows! 🙂
Well, thats all for today… The next couple of weeks are going to be busier (with the SHOW coming up on October 16th!) I will update you as I find the time!
Until Next Time,