Wedding Weekend #2: Fantastic Family :)

Wedding Weekend #2 was absolutely WONDERFUL! I did not want to come back. I was able to spend some time with my family and at one of my favorite places of ALL time… My grandma’s house! 🙂

The best way to recap the weekend is through pictures… so…. Here you go… 🙂
Step 1: We rented a car for this trip because neither Tyler’s truck or my car would have made very good/safe/reliable traveling vehicles…. we got a Hyundai Accent… It was super cute and I liked it, Tyler thought it was too small… none-the-less here is our mode of transportation for the weekend 🙂
We began the trip at 8:30pm on Friday night (after we got all packed up and ready to go). We made it to my Grandma’s house at about 1:30am… we were tired!
Saturday was the wedding so we woke up early had our breakfast, got ready and headed to Springfield, MO which is about 1 hour away from Grandmas…. Once we arrived in Springfield we began to see these…..
… Signs for the wedding! Interesting Fact: The bride and grooms last names BEFORE the wedding were both Elliott! 🙂 How funny 🙂 And they aren’t related! 😉
We were SUPER early to the wedding chapel because we were told it was going to be standing room only! Since we were so early, I snapped a few photos! 🙂 Here is Haley in the chapel… doesn’t she look happy? 😉
I thought the decorations on the pews were so pretty so I took a picture of them once we were seated 🙂
Here is a picture of the Altar with all the candles lit… so pretty 🙂
After the wedding, everyone congratulated the couple and their families outside the Chapel. For some reason, we decided to hang out after we had all gone through the line to mingle with family…. Here is a picture I snapped of the procession out of the church 🙂
While we were waiting to head to the reception, Haley and I got a little bored. So… I took this picture of her with the bed and breakfast scarecrow…. 🙂
And I tried to take a picture of Mom, but she didn’t like that idea… 🙂
Here Tyler and I are, after the wedding Ceremony…. or as my grandma says… “the day Tyler decided to get married.” 🙂 (Long story short, my grandma was telling Tyler he better hurry up and propose or I might find myself a cowboy in Oklahoma 😉 )… Thanks Grandma 🙂
Here is an attempt of a picture with Haley. I think it turned out very cute! I sure do love my little sister 🙂
Here is attempt number 2…. 🙂
The Reception was just as beautiful as the wedding… It was at another bed and breakfast and was absolutely stunning. I didn’t take too many pictures because we were too busy eating and chatting, HOWEVER, we did stumble across a monkey in a cage, tucked into the woods… we have NO idea why it was there…. but I snapped a picture of it anyways…. He had his tongue sticking out the whole time we were there… So funny! 🙂
After the wedding and reception we headed back to my Grandma’s house. My Grandma’s “neighbor” found some kittens and is keeping them in his garage/barn… we had to go see them and bring them food….
They were just TOO precious. Haley really wanted to take one home… I’m surprised we were able to make her put this one down! They sure were cute and SO tiny!!!
All in all, it was a WONDERFUL trip. I really did not want to come back to OKC after. I wish we could have stayed longer. The weather was beautiful. Getting to see and spend time with my family in one of my favorite places, was perfection. I hope we get to go back soon! However, we were all so TIRED after the weekend (especially since this was our second road trip in a row). I snapped this picture of Dash on the way to OKC. He didn’t ride well on the way to Grandma’s because he didn’t have a seat of his own and it was a new place. By the time Sunday rolled around, he was EXHAUSTED and slept the WHOLE way home! 🙂
On another note, last week I went to a Indoor Pyrotechnic Workshop sponsored by our Student Government Association and Students of Arts Management (SAM- the organization I am involved with). Here is a really bad picture of one of the fireworks we got to see….. Pretty neat workshop though 🙂
And LAST but NOT LEAST, my mom got me some shelves for my dance locker. I took this picture for her to see the necessity of my new shelves and how life changing they were… so here is a picture of my “newly renovated” dance locker! 🙂

Well, that’s about it for now. Off to another busy week. It will be very nice to stay at home for one weekend, although I am having serious withdraws from my family and the country…. I hope to go back soon and to see them all soon….

Until Next Time,



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