Wedding Weekend #1

Well we are back from the quickiest trip we have ever taken (I think) home to KC… and we survived!!! 🙂
Saturday morning I observed classes at the Community Dance Center for school from 9am-12pm. Then I came home, and we loaded up and headed to KC. We got on the road around 1:30pm and arrived in KC around 7:30pm *Phew*… I was able to spend some time with my sister (the Birthday girl!) and dad! It was nice to see them… my mommy was out of town on a business trip so I didn’t get to see her… 😦
Then Sunday we got up did our laundry, went out to eat with my dad and sister, then headed to the wedding… The wedding was at the Weston Red Barn Farm… its a really cute little place where elementary schools take field trips to pick pumpkins, go on hayrides, and go through corn mazes… its a cute little place.. and the perfect place for a picnic wedding…. Below are some pics….

* The Wedding Cakes (Cupcakes and Cake Made by Debbie Holmes aka Tyler’s Mom) *
*The Happy Couple! 🙂 *

*Tyler and I at the wedding 🙂 (Question of the day: “Are you guys next?”)*

Then it was time to head home to OKC. We got on the road around 5:30pm and made it to OKC right at 11:30pm. Needless to say, Tyler and I were very exhausted today, and probably will be the rest of the week… Especially since we are going to another wedding this weekend… however, this trip will be a little longer so that will be nice…. Just wanted to stop by and update on the past weekend.. no news…

Until Next Time,



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