Three Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day (And September- I almost forgot!)! This weekend has been fun and full of excitement.

Friday I had a meeting with the SAM sponsor to meet about the Banquet progress. Now it’s time to start looking for locations! That will be fun! After that my day consisted of Ballet, Choreography and then Tap Ped II (class from 1:30pm-6pm straight through)! Friday night I went and babysat for a new family (last minute). There were two kids: a 4 year old boy and a 18month old girl (who I didn’t get to meet because she was already asleep when I got there!). It was a short night but man was it filled with excitement. Turns out the dad is a lead guitarist for a band that originated right here in OKC! (They never mentioned it to me, but there were 3 Grammy awards on the entertainment center, a plaque from when the album went gold, and the calendar had all the tour dates on it!) It was super exciting but out of respect for them I will not mention who it was! Just VERY exciting! Plus the little boy was just a sweetheart! Hopefully, I’ll get to go back and meet the mysterious little girl! πŸ™‚

Saturday I went to lunch with Katy, Andi, Anna and Jenna. It was interesting… lunch was great but Jenna wasn’t feeling very good. After that Katy and I went to SAMs Club and now I am an official member! Then we went to JCPenny to look at dresses for my upcoming weddings! I found two that I like….One for the picnic wedding, and one for a more formal wedding. I really like the one for the picnic wedding but I’m still a little unsure about the one for the formal wedding.. I might exchange it.. it might be too fancy…. Then I came home and Tyler and I watched college football πŸ™‚

* This is the dress I got for the Picnic Wedding (Tamara and Dacoda’s).

* This is the dress I got for the more formal wedding (Travis and Holly’s)… Is it appropriate or too much?

Sunday I got up and went to breakfast with Katy, Jenna, Anna, Mary and myself. Then Tyler and I went to SAMs club and did some grocery shopping- we’re not quite sold on doing our grocery shopping there, maybe just for our juices and things we buy “bulk” of, but when you’re shopping only for two, we found we wouldn’t need as much as we were getting- and some things were a little more expensive than walmart or our grocery store.Then we went to the last race of the season at the speedway. It was fun- no big wrecks or anything but it was good to hang out with some of our friends!

Today will consist of homework, a SAM meeting (not to be confused with SAMs club), maybe going to get Tyler a new dress shirt, tie and slacks for our weddings this month, and resting up for school this week!

Until Next Time,


P.S. We start teaching tomorrow! πŸ™‚


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