Wow! It’s only been two days since my last update but I feel like its been almost weeks! Simply because SO much has been happening since Tuesday!!!
Yesterday I meet up with Cassie in our on-campus cafe (“Alvin’s”) to discuss our lesson plans for our Community Dance Center class that we will be team teaching starting NEXT week! I am just SO excited to start teaching again! I haven’t taught since JUNE! That is WAY too long!
Then it was off to my Advertising class, which I am really enjoying… it’s very interesting! Then I had my first day of DANCING in Ballet this semester! It was wonderful to finally be in class and dancing and not worrying about “what level are they going to put me in!” I have a really great class… too bad I only get to take Ballet every other day…. I feel kind of lost when I come back because I feel like I missed something on the other days šŸ˜¦ It’ll just take some getting used to!
Then in Tap Ped we had to turn in our first Lesson Plans and we practiced teaching from them. I am just SO excited! šŸ™‚
After that I went home for a little bit and got reorganized from the day (things just happen so quickly I have to take 15-30 minutes to get back in control)… then it was off to our first official SAM (Student’s of Arts Management) Executive Committee meeting (aka SAM Exec)…. It was a very productive meeting… as for Banquet I can say… 1) My committee heads are all in place! YAY and 2) We HAVE A THEME!!!! YAY!!! (But it’s a SECRET until a later day!)! All I can say is I am SUPER excited!!!
Then this morning I had Tap where we read the course description! Our levels were posted, I am in Level 5 Class Green!!! Its the Middle class in Tap B! One of these days I’ll explain the color/number system for leveling- it’s very confusing! šŸ™‚ Now I am at home until 2pm when I head off for Choreography šŸ™‚
For Choreography we had to choreography (2) 15-30 second pieces of movement, without music, to a chosen word and the movement has to depict the word (then we play charades with it and the class has to try and guess)- its really fun! šŸ™‚
Then Tap Ped & Ballet Ped, then a dinner date with a girlfriend, then rehearsal for Choreography Show! *Phew again!*
It sounds like a lot, and it is šŸ™‚ My brain is going 100mph non-stop! It seems as though the rest of September, if not the rest of the semester, will be this way (and so far, its not a bad thing!)…
This weekend is going to be great! Not only is it a three day weekend, its also filled with friends and SHOPPING and getting things done! šŸ™‚ Jenna, my friend who transferred back home to Iowa after last semester, is coming to visit this weekend so we are all planning to get together AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE to see her! Hopefully there will be TONS of pictures to share! šŸ™‚

Jenna from Spring Show 2009 šŸ™‚

Basically I’m just really glad I don’t have a lot of things to get done, its more I have a lot of places to be šŸ™‚ Which is nice, I just have to show up really šŸ™‚ Well that’s all the goodies I’ll give you for now….

Until Next Time,


P.S. Here is a clue for the banquet theme šŸ™‚

P.P.S. Apparently I am NOT capable of doing a short post… sorry šŸ˜¦


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