Organization= Stress-FREE! :)

The great weekend has carried over into this week! I am still organized, and still marking things off the “to-do” list! Organization really does keep life less stressful! I am so glad everything is back in order now! šŸ™‚

Yesterday was low key… First, Principles of Advertising at 11am (Yes that’s my first class of the day:) ), then Ballet where we read the course description (and rules) for an hour and twenty minutes… no dancing šŸ˜¦ BUT I am in Ballet 5, Class Blue (which is the second class in Ballet B!). Then Tap Ped Lab and Ballet Ped Lab! I am SO excited to get started teaching next week!!! Then I had my first Choreography Show Rehearsal! It was only for 30 minutes but we finished our 1 minute of choreography that we have to have for the look-see next Wednesday! šŸ™‚

This morning was Tap leveling. It sounds like we might be reading the course description on Thursday, which means we’ll start classes next Tuesday! Then I went home for a little bit. Next I had a lunch “meeting” with Miss Elizabeth to get some banquet advice! I am starting to get some banquet stuff together! So excited! I think I have my committee heads all figured out now… and we’re deciding on a theme tomorrow! YAY! Then Choreography I, where we listened to music (and took an open book quiz!).

Tyler got a new job today! He will start work at 7am tomorrow morning on the OU Medical Center in OKC! (It’s a HUGE job apparently that will keep him busy until December 2010!) Although, he had to take a little bit of a pay cut, he is guaranteed 40 hour weeks, and as soon as he gets approximately 300 more hours, he can take his Commercial Journeyman’s License Test and then would make considerably more than he was before the pay cut! šŸ™‚ And, he’ll be eligible to take his test hopefully by December! šŸ™‚

After classes today (and yes, I was done at 3pm!), I came home and they finally COMPLETELY fixed our sink! We could only really use one side because the pipes in the other were leaking, but not any more! Then we headed to the office to pay rent and took Dashy for a walk (a ten minute walk, maximum), came home and Dash CRASHED! He has NO energy left! His little legs just don’t do long distance! But we did “run” hard! Isn’t he precious? (Even though the picture isn’t very bright)…

All in all, today has been GREAT and this week has been WONDERFUL! The rest of the week is looking a little busier, but it’s only to be followed by a three day weekend! So all is good in the world of Megan! šŸ™‚ *knocks on wood*

Until Next Time,


P.S. I CAN’T believe my BABY sister will be 12 in 18 days! So unreal! šŸ™‚

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