Productivity and Organization! :)

Week one is complete and the weekend is almost over…

Friday night, Anna and I went school supply shopping. Too much money later, I made it home and got all my stuff organized (I was up until midnight just organizing away!)

The productivity has continued into the weekend. Yesterday, we had our first Choreography Show Cast meeting to read the rules and what not. I am so excited to start learning the dance on Monday! Then, it was off to another “meeting” to discuss my pre- ballet experiences and learn more from my fabulous teaching mentor Ms. Kay. There is a new pre-ballet teacher this year and we wanted to toss ideas around to give her a place to start from! I am very excited to see my little ones again! All the meetings were followed by a nice relaxing evening at home!

Then today we woke up and did laundry… it is SUCH a BEAUTIFUL day today! My computer says its 78 degrees (I don’t even know if its that warm!). Then I went to the Creative Dancewear Sale for OCU students and got two new leotards and tights! Since I can’t wear colored leotards this semester, I felt I needed some new black leotards to make me excited! 🙂

After that, I came home and have been just checking things off my to-do list! I am now officially organized and just three or four things away from completing my to-do list that previously had 16 things on it! (I’m 3/4 of the way done! YAY!) Below is my newly re-organized school area in the apartment! 🙂

So overall this has been a very productive and fun weekend!!! I am ready for what the new week will bring! 🙂

Until Next Time,


P.S. I’m getting better about consistently updating! AND… I had a picture for you today! 🙂


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