Week 1: Almost Done! :)

Week one is almost over! It’s been a crazy, busy, stressful, fun, amazing week! (And it’s only Thursday!)

So far I am really enjoying my classes and my work load for the semester. I am getting things all finalized schedule wise which is VERY nice and comforting! I am now teaching 8 classes a week! (Three of them are part of my classes at OCU). That will certainly keep me busy! (And I was worried I wouldn’t have anything to do šŸ™‚ )…

Last night was my FINAL Choreography Show Audition, and this time, the choreographers are from my graduating class! SO weird! The auditions were supposed to go until 11pm, but since I was number 12 I was done and home by 10:15pm! Very nice, considering my freshman year, there was no “cut-off” time for the end of the auditions; freshmen had to go LAST and I didn’t get back to my ON CAMPUS dorm room until almost 1am! Boy, how things change! šŸ™‚ And I received a text message at 1:30 am this morning saying I am in a “Sassy Ballet” dance to The Stranger from the musical Moving Out! I’m very excited! (The Show is October 16, 2009 in the evening!)

Today was another round of Tap leveling at 9am (So I am VERY thankful we got out early last night!) Now I am on a break (from 10-2pm) and I am sitting at home and just finished my homework for the day (maybe the week, unless I get more today!)

I have class from 2-3, then from 4-6 then I’m done for the day! Tyler is going to Vatterott this evening to take a survey about his experience there (of some sort) and then it’s FREE MOVIE NIGHT! I think we are going to see the “Inglorious Bastards” at 10:30pm (which is ok that it’s late because I don’t have class until 1:30pm tomorrow!)

Overall its been a very wonderful week! (And very nice to be back into the groove of things!)

Until Next Time,


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