Typical Tuesday

Back for the second day in a row 🙂 Today was a fairly productive day…

1st I went and got my haircut- It was much needed, but nothing drastic… just an inch off and fixing the bangs 🙂 Joan always does such a great job 🙂 (I did however miss my post-haircut date to Saturn Grill with the girls…I thought about going on my own but decided not to… I miss you girls!)

Then, I went to the bank and put some money in (which is always a very nice thing to do!) and I closed out the joint account my mom and I opened. We never used it and it had no money in it.

Last on the agenda, I was able to see the almost finalized version of “Wizard of Oz” from Classical Ballet School. It was nice to catch up with Kate and Morgan, not to mention fun to see the big production! Now I’m excited to get my own copy!

Tonight, is just a relaxing night at home. We made hamburgers for dinner (by “we” I mean “me”- Yes, I actually cooked!). Now I’m busy updating my calendar, maybe checking a few things off my to-d0 list and then off to play some Wii with Tyler. Tomorrow is hopefully going to be a big day for checking things off the “To-Do” list (that has been growing for the last week) and a wonderful lunch date with Anna! So excited! 🙂 Well that’s all for now… hopefully I’ll update you on tomorrow’s happenings! 🙂

Until Next Time,

P.S. Haley had enrollment tonight for 6th grade! I can’t believe my little sister is getting to be so old!!! AH! Unfortunately for her, she is not on the same wonderful team that I was on… I think she’ll survive though… 🙂


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