Productivity and Organization! :)

Week one is complete and the weekend is almost over…

Friday night, Anna and I went school supply shopping. Too much money later, I made it home and got all my stuff organized (I was up until midnight just organizing away!)

The productivity has continued into the weekend. Yesterday, we had our first Choreography Show Cast meeting to read the rules and what not. I am so excited to start learning the dance on Monday! Then, it was off to another “meeting” to discuss my pre- ballet experiences and learn more from my fabulous teaching mentor Ms. Kay. There is a new pre-ballet teacher this year and we wanted to toss ideas around to give her a place to start from! I am very excited to see my little ones again! All the meetings were followed by a nice relaxing evening at home!

Then today we woke up and did laundry… it is SUCH a BEAUTIFUL day today! My computer says its 78 degrees (I don’t even know if its that warm!). Then I went to the Creative Dancewear Sale for OCU students and got two new leotards and tights! Since I can’t wear colored leotards this semester, I felt I needed some new black leotards to make me excited! 🙂

After that, I came home and have been just checking things off my to-do list! I am now officially organized and just three or four things away from completing my to-do list that previously had 16 things on it! (I’m 3/4 of the way done! YAY!) Below is my newly re-organized school area in the apartment! 🙂

So overall this has been a very productive and fun weekend!!! I am ready for what the new week will bring! 🙂

Until Next Time,


P.S. I’m getting better about consistently updating! AND… I had a picture for you today! 🙂


Week 1: Almost Done! :)

Week one is almost over! It’s been a crazy, busy, stressful, fun, amazing week! (And it’s only Thursday!)

So far I am really enjoying my classes and my work load for the semester. I am getting things all finalized schedule wise which is VERY nice and comforting! I am now teaching 8 classes a week! (Three of them are part of my classes at OCU). That will certainly keep me busy! (And I was worried I wouldn’t have anything to do 🙂 )…

Last night was my FINAL Choreography Show Audition, and this time, the choreographers are from my graduating class! SO weird! The auditions were supposed to go until 11pm, but since I was number 12 I was done and home by 10:15pm! Very nice, considering my freshman year, there was no “cut-off” time for the end of the auditions; freshmen had to go LAST and I didn’t get back to my ON CAMPUS dorm room until almost 1am! Boy, how things change! 🙂 And I received a text message at 1:30 am this morning saying I am in a “Sassy Ballet” dance to The Stranger from the musical Moving Out! I’m very excited! (The Show is October 16, 2009 in the evening!)

Today was another round of Tap leveling at 9am (So I am VERY thankful we got out early last night!) Now I am on a break (from 10-2pm) and I am sitting at home and just finished my homework for the day (maybe the week, unless I get more today!)

I have class from 2-3, then from 4-6 then I’m done for the day! Tyler is going to Vatterott this evening to take a survey about his experience there (of some sort) and then it’s FREE MOVIE NIGHT! I think we are going to see the “Inglorious Bastards” at 10:30pm (which is ok that it’s late because I don’t have class until 1:30pm tomorrow!)

Overall its been a very wonderful week! (And very nice to be back into the groove of things!)

Until Next Time,

Senior Year… Day 1.

Well, I survived my first day as a SENIOR in COLLEGE!!!!

It was so wonderful to be back. First off, was a “breakfast” date with Katy and Elizabeth… it was SO nice to catch up! (And get my AMAZING birthday present!!!! 🙂 Thanks Elizabeth!)

Then it was off to my 1st class (at 11am mind you!), Principles of Advertising… It’s with a professor I had last semester, who is tons of fun and way laid back… it’s going to be a very neat class I think! (And fun!) 🙂

Then I had a break until 1:30! Then it was off to my first Ballet B Leveling! I was number 62 out of 95 so that’s not too bad! (They put us in numerical order based on our levels- best being number 1). And we had weigh ins which weren’t too bad- we have a new machine that is SUPER high tech!

Then it was another break before my Ballet Pedagogy II class with Mary (our “Ped Mom”). The schedule for my Pedagogy classes is rather overwhelming (because its so confusing) but it will be a fun semester I think! One of our assignments from Mary is “Read this book, write something about it.” Our response was “when is it due?,” Mary’s response, “Just sometime before the semester is over.” So that should be fun! 🙂

Important Dates to Remember (and be scared of!):
Friday March 5th, 2010- Deadline to apply for Spring 2010 Graduation (YIKES- That’s Me!)
Saturday May 8th, 2010- GRADUATION!!!!

So weird, but overall it was a GREAT last, first day ever! 🙂

Until Next Time,

Back to School (For the LAST time!)

Hey everyone!

Well, its that time of year again… for BACK TO SCHOOL… Only this time, its the LAST time EVER! So weird!

I spent my last week of freedom babysitting my girlies and attending orientation things for the incoming Freshman class… so exciting!

This weekend was in the spirit of preparation of going back to school. Yesterday Tyler and I went school clothes shopping… MY FAVORITE, not Tylers 🙂 But we did make a stop that Tyler LOVED…. his new favorite store is Williams-Sonoma (He LOVES to cook!)…. We have been searching high and low for a good quality pan and we found an AMAZING deal at Williams-Sonoma yesterday: 2 (8″ and 10″) Calphalon Unison, Slide Non-stick pans for $70! AND… THEY ACTUALLY WORK!!!!! Needless to say we have done a lot of cooking (and will continue to) because of our new find! 🙂

Today we did our usual laundry and dubbed today “Cleaning Day…” We tackled our dining room (which isn’t really a dining room for our intents and purposes) and just sort of organized a little… it was a disaster zone and honestly not 100% better… but we can actually see our table and once we get rid of our recycling things we will be able to see the floor 🙂

Next I’m going to try and tackle the bedroom/closet. Since I’ve been here and there all summer things never really got put away so that’s my plan for today… plus putting my new clothes away! 😉

All-in-all, this weekend has been in major preparation of starting school tomorrow!!! So excited to get back into the schedule and see everyone (remind me of this in a couple of months please!) Well I’m off to a meeting in a little bit, then back to cleaning… Then off to school tomorrow (not until 11am)! I’ll try and update on my last, first day of school, EVER! 🙂

Until Next Time,

Wonderful 21st Birthday Weekend!

I am officially an adult now! (YIKES!) My 21st birthday was yesterday and it was absolutely wonderful!

Tyler and I loaded up and headed to Kansas City on Friday night for the weekend. We ended up getting to leave OKC around 3pm on Friday (instead of 6pm) so we got to KC early enough to go visiting! We didn’t end up getting back to Tyler’s dad’s house until 2am!
* Captain Dash and Driver Tyler 🙂
* Sleepy Puppy
* Dash Driving (When we stopped at the toll plaza, Dash decided to give driving a try 🙂 )
Saturday we woke up and went to breakfast with my Mom, Sister, and Grandma Beverly. Then it was off to Sam’s Club to pick up my “surprise” birthday cake! 🙂 Next, I got my NEW PHONE!!!! 🙂 After the phone excursion I bought my first power ball ticket (3 years late) since the power ball jackpot is 213 million (was)… unfortunately we didn’t win. Then my mom showed Tyler and I this neat little vintage movie store that she loves! It is a very cool little place. Then it was time to go home and prepare for the theatre!!!
* My Birthday Cinnamon Roll (this was actually part of Tyler’s Breakfast but it was yummy 🙂 )
*Haley and Dash (apparently my new phone has a green flash)
* My Birthday Present from Tyler and his Dad 🙂
Saturday night, my Mom, Haley, Debbie (Tyler’s mom) my Grandma Beverly and I went to Starlight Theatre (our outdoor theatre in KC) and saw the Broadway National Tour of CHICAGO! It POURED rain on us the entire show… we were soaked… but it was a WONDERFUL show and a memorable experience. At some points it was raining so hard we could not hear the speaker system… it was pretty comical and tons of fun! A perfect example that the show… “must go on…” 🙂

*Walking to the Theatre Entrance

*Haley and I at Intermission (it stopped raining for the 10 minutes then picked back up with the opening note 🙂 )
Sunday (my actual birthday), we got up and finished our laundry then headed to see Tyler’s Mom and step-Dad. Then we went to Applebee’s with my Mom and Haley and my Dad was able to sit down and eat with us (he’s been very busy at work lately). Then we had CAKE!!! It was so good.
* Tyler waiting for Laundry to be done and visiting at his Dads 🙂
* Birthday cake w/o candles and w/ candles! So pretty (and yummy 🙂 )
After all the fun visiting, it was time to load up and head out. We got on the road by about 4pm. Our trip was fun. At first Tyler and I were SO exhausted we played the “alphabet” game (like 5 times). By the time we got to Wichita, KS, we couldn’t stand the boredom any more. We stopped at the gas station to get gas and food and we also got a kid’s activity book. We spent the remainder of our trip doing “Mad Libs,” “Mini-Mysteries,” and “Crossword Puzzles” from our new book! It made the trip much better (plus we had food!). After we got off the Kansas Turnpike at the border of KS and OK we hit some really crazy rain for all of two minutes. The wind was blowing like crazy…. Tyler was having trouble keeping the truck on the road.. and then we couldn’t see the road so finally we pulled off on the side of the road and no later than we got settled, the rain practically disappeared. It was a crazy experience that left us with some amazing pictures of the sunset and far off storms.
* Sleepy Dash
* Sun shine through the clouds…

*The storm clouds approaching
*The storm we just past through
*Storm clouds off to the West and the Sun Set
*The Beautiful Sun Set on my Birthday! 🙂
We got home about 9:30pm and then unloaded the truck in the dark. I opened my last birthday present from my Grandma Joyce, which was the most wonderful care package of birthday presents. My FAVORITE part was that she made a photo album of me, and Haley and my family throughout the years. There are pictures of my Dad as a kid, my Mom and Dad when they first started dating, me as a baby, Haley as a baby (and proud big sis), and even a picture of my Grandma and Grandpa when they got married!!! 🙂 So sweet (I even started tearing up a little)… Such a thoughtful birthday present! 🙂
All in all, this was a WONDERFUL birthday weekend! I was really wanting to spend my birthday with the family and we certainly did. It was a nice trip and bittersweet to be home now. Today is getting unpacked and semi-ready to go back to school next Monday. There are all sorts of orientation things this week that I’ll be on campus for, so it’s a busy week. I’m going to try and get my books today (if I can manage the freshman move-in crowd), and hopefully get some food in the apartment. Other than that it’s just getting used to being 21 now and getting ready to start my SENIOR year of college!!! AH!
Until Next Time,
P.S. I can’t believe Haley started MIDDLE SCHOOL today!!! AH so weird! 🙂

Friendly Wednesday :)

I’m on a roll.. So I might have missed yesterdays update but this will be an update about yesterday! 🙂

First, we are having some thunderstorms today… I LOVE IT… such a nice way to go to sleep last night and a nice relaxing way to wake up this morning… I just wish I could sleep in a little bit later than 7:30am. 🙂

Yesterday was a day for friends. First, I am missing my OCU buddies like crazy! I can’t wait until they all get back here in the next couple of weeks! Then I had a wonderful lunch date with Miss Anna. We went to Saturn Grill and then we just relaxed at her house! It was so nice to do some catching up. I am going to beat myself up for a long time for waiting until AUGUST to FINALLY get together with her! We’ve already decided we are going to go school supply shopping together in the next week or so. 🙂

After spending a wonderful afternoon with Anna, I came home and spent time with Tyler and Dash, but first I received…. MY FIRST BIRTHDAY CARD!!! 🙂 Katy sent me a letter (we’ve been temporary pen-pals this summer while she’s at a camp in Colorado and doesn’t have phone and Internet a majority of the time!) She also sent me a card and told me I can’t open it until my birthday!!! (What torture!!!) But I’ll be a good girl and wait until the 16th to open it!!! (P.S. My 21st Birthday is in 10 days! AH!).

Tyler and I had salmon and rice last night for dinner (we are certainly on a salmon kick but I love it!). We also watched Pirates of the Caribbean- I love that movie! I am sort of bummed I missed the So You Think You Can Dance performance finale, however I got up extra early and watched it this morning on DVR! Thank Goodness for that! 🙂 I am SO excited for the finale finale tonight! I really hope Jeanine wins! She is my favorite! (Wow, I’m using a lot of “!” in this post! <<< And again…)

As for today, I plan to enjoy the sound of thunder and rain outside as I, *crosses fingers*, hopefully start checking off things on my to-do list. So we’ll see how that goes….

Until Next Time,

P.S. I would be putting pictures up but my camera and I are not getting along very well right now… She isn’t taking the best pictures anymore 😦

Typical Tuesday

Back for the second day in a row 🙂 Today was a fairly productive day…

1st I went and got my haircut- It was much needed, but nothing drastic… just an inch off and fixing the bangs 🙂 Joan always does such a great job 🙂 (I did however miss my post-haircut date to Saturn Grill with the girls…I thought about going on my own but decided not to… I miss you girls!)

Then, I went to the bank and put some money in (which is always a very nice thing to do!) and I closed out the joint account my mom and I opened. We never used it and it had no money in it.

Last on the agenda, I was able to see the almost finalized version of “Wizard of Oz” from Classical Ballet School. It was nice to catch up with Kate and Morgan, not to mention fun to see the big production! Now I’m excited to get my own copy!

Tonight, is just a relaxing night at home. We made hamburgers for dinner (by “we” I mean “me”- Yes, I actually cooked!). Now I’m busy updating my calendar, maybe checking a few things off my to-d0 list and then off to play some Wii with Tyler. Tomorrow is hopefully going to be a big day for checking things off the “To-Do” list (that has been growing for the last week) and a wonderful lunch date with Anna! So excited! 🙂 Well that’s all for now… hopefully I’ll update you on tomorrow’s happenings! 🙂

Until Next Time,

P.S. Haley had enrollment tonight for 6th grade! I can’t believe my little sister is getting to be so old!!! AH! Unfortunately for her, she is not on the same wonderful team that I was on… I think she’ll survive though… 🙂