So I’m back on campus now and the Intensive started today!!! 🙂 All the kiddos showed up yesterday and the orientation events took place… needless to say, by 10pm, after all the traveling everyone did, we were ALL ready for bed!

Only to be back up at 7:30 am for Breakfast (which the cafe didn’t actually open until almost 8am…) not fun waiting 😦

After a day FULL of really dancing since finals week… I am so sore, so tired and not sure I will be able to get out of bed tomorrow, only to do it all again!!! This is how my day looked….

Tap 9-10
Jazz 10:15-11:45
Ballet (w/ Mary) 1:45-3:15
Pointe (w/ Mary) 3:30-5

If you’ve ever experienced a Mary Price Boday ballet class, EVER, in your life, you will understand why this could be a problematic day… I AM SO SORE!!!!

Basically, I have come to the conclusion, after attempting denial, DO NOT TAKE 2 MONTHS OFF FROM DANCING!!!! That is the worst idea I think I’ve ever had… wah wah….

So, as I sit in my room, SO THANKFUL that I do not have to do the 2 hour rehearsal that is going on right now, I am going to make a plan to keep myself in shape for the start of school… hopefully this new plan will be something I keep up on the rest of my life so I won’t find myself in this situation again…. *crosses fingers*… *knocks on wood*… *prays*

I will keep you updated on the Intensive front and on my newly found/ re-discovered personal discipline plan 🙂

Until Next Time,


P.S. Sorry for no pics, but I haven’t taken any recently or have any that apply…


"Your Day Will be Filled with Sunshine and Happiness"- Fortune Cookie

It’s been such a long time since I’ve updated. As the time was passing, I kept trying to think of something to post about, because nothing too big seemed to be happening… now that it’s been a month, I can say “I’ve been busy.” To spare you the details, I’ll just give you a “recap” of the last month…

1st up… it was off to KC and Branson for Haley’s Nationals. C.O.D.E., my dance studio growing up, did an amazing job and it was tons of fun! It had a few rocky moments with grumpy sisters, but all in all, it was a great vacation.

2nd was a week full of babysitting. It was a busy week but it was nice to see my girlies again! Then it was back to KC again for another dance competition…

3rd… I judged my FIRST NATIONAL DANCE COMPETITION! It was a smaller competition, and it was run by my dance teacher from home, but what an experience! It was tons of fun and I can’t wait to do it again! It really helped get me in the mood for dancing! Which is perfect considering….

4th up… I move back into the dorms for 3 weeks on Monday. Tuesday starts OCU’s Dance Intensives. I get to take class from amazing teachers for three weeks. It will be tough being away from Tyler and my puppy but it will be fun and a great summer experience. 🙂

For the 4th of July festivities we are headed to the races tonight to see some fireworks… not sure we’ll be finding any Saturday night so we can keep the doggie calm… not sure how he will react to fireworks this year, so we’ll see.


Well a week or so ago, I was tagged by one of my best friends Miss Elizabeth Newton from “Olive My Life” to share 10 interesting facts about myself… although I can’t promise they will be what you call “interesting”, here we go….

1) At this point, EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, knows about my obsession with Penguins… what people DO NOT know, is that I recently went on a purging spree in my apartment and… dun dun dun….. donated about 20-25 Penguin Stuffed Animals that I had accumulated over the years. They were simply sitting in a bin in my closet, and I felt there was probably a better place for them…. none the less… it was hard to do, and even harder to admit, but I did it…

2) I am secretly (or I guess not so secretly anymore) planning my wedding with Tyler, my boyfriend of almost 4 years. Nothing is official yet, but I’m definitely on the “wedding buzz,” watching EVERY wedding show I see- movies and “how-to’s alike”…. it’s to the point that I’ve practically picked the date, I know who will be my flower girls and my ring bearer, and I’m contemplating my color scheme at the moment, I’m simply waiting for the ring to make my decisions official 🙂 ….Which brings me to my next “interesting fact”…

3) I’ve recently decided I am NOT going to be pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts immediately following my Undergraduate degree… its just not in the cards right now… financially, emotionally, mentally, etc…. On to fact 4….

4) Now that I’m not going to continue school after I graduate in May… what am I going to do with my life until I can open my own studio? I have to become financially stable before that will happen- ie pay back school loans, start to settle down in a house hopefully, getting married etc… so how am I going to do that? That’s a great question… I’m also in the process of figuring this out… I’m thinking along the lines of event planning of some sort (as well as teaching at night of course)… I can’t decide if this recent interest in event planning has anything to do with my “wedding craze” or if its something I’d genuinely like to do….. none the less…. I have a year to make a decision 😦

5) I am genuinely terrified of what will happen after graduation…. But SO excited to see whats coming…

6) In order to find a location for Tyler and I to settle down after graduation we have come up with a new plan (we’ll just see if it works…). Since Tyler doesn’t want to move back to KC where our families are, and I do, and neither of us wants to stay in OKC (or OK for that matter)… we are each going to research our own “future home towns” making pros and cons lists and then we will put them together and make a decision! I want to make a decision by December/ January ish so that we can really start planning for our big adventure of a move… but I have a feeling this its a little bit of a fantasy to have the decision made so soon…. we’ll see though… 🙂

7) Now I’m going to start getting boring…. I am a cereal junkie… I eat a bowl of cereal EVERYDAY! If I don’t, I feel like my day hasn’t properly begun. Today (and for the past few weeks possibly) I’ve had Lucky Charms… the flavor changes frequently…

8) I’m not a very opinionated person for many reasons… 1) I don’t like confrontation, 2) I like to have an open mind, 3) I’m not sure my opinions really matter, 4) I don’t want to be judgemental… I’m working on getting better about respecting my own opinions… I’m only 20 though… I have a ways to go…

9) It has taken me over 4 years (5 since I turned 16, 8 since I first drove my grandparents truck) to be semi-comfortable driving by myself… I was always so afraid of driving by myself ANYWHERE… I didn’t drive on the highway regularly until last fall… and I ALWAYS have to have some sort of directions to every place I’m going… I even remind myself how to get to the grocery store before I leave…. I’m terrified of getting lost 😦

10) Tyler and I started making a “Movie Wish List” for ourselves (to add to our already HUGE movie collection)… 99.99% of the movies on my list are Disney movies and/or chick flicks… 🙂

Well, I hope that wasn’t too boring, I will try and update more frequently during the next month….

Until Next Time,