In the Midst of Recital Season

Summer is now well on its way… I can’t believe it’s the last week of May!!!! I’ve been busy with rehearsals, only to be followed by more rehearsals. My reading has slowed down a bit. I am only on the fifth book now (it’s 870 pages long too). But it won’t be long before I’ve finished them all I imagine.

Last week I made a surprise visit home to see my Mom and Haley and house-sit for a day while having new windows put in. They were so surprised and had NO clue I was coming home! I wish I would have been home longer but I’ll be back in a couple of weeks and then again at the end of June hopefully. 🙂 They were SO surprised though…. my Dad and I did a good job pulling one past them! 🙂

Here is a picture of the new living room window- with my dad peering in from the outside 🙂 Very nice looking windows!!!

Then it was Haley’s last day of school! I can’t believe she is now a 6th grader! Ugh! Blows my mind!!! She seems excited, maybe a little anxious and nervous but excited for the big transition to Middle School- Eastgate Eagles- here she comes! She’s so grown up now… it’s so weird!!!!

Sunday was Tyler’s 21st Birthday! Unfortunately, it wasn’t anything too spectacular. I had rehearsal like normal. And we did laundry in the morning- what a way to spend your birthday huh? We spent the evening watching movies. Tyler did get a neat present for his birthday… a popcorn maker! It’s called a Stir Crazy and we had tons of fun making popcorn with it! It’s a neat little invention! 🙂 Then yesterday in a continuation of his birthday celebration we went and saw the new Terminator Salvation movie. It was pretty good (after spending the weekend watching Terminators 1, 2 and 3).

“Look at all that Popcorn.” Dash didn’t like the popping noise, but it sure made a TON of popcorn!

Tyler and I ate it all………….. With the help of little Dash! (Look at those TEETH!)

We ended the three day weekend with a nice shopping trip to gear up for summer! As for the rest of this week, it’s reading Harry Potter and rehearsals, followed by a Recital this weekend (and maybe sorting out my closet but possibly not yet). It should be a good, busy, week.

Until Next Time,

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