When Harry Met….. Megan?!?

It’s OFFICIALLY Summer Break now!!! Woo Hoo!!! After a very successful semester (great grades, getting moved up in all of my dance levels) its nice to get a break… A week in and it’s been great! To celebrate the end of finals Tyler and I went to see the new X Men movie on Wednesday. It was really good! Then the weekend proceeded like normal: teaching on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I helped out with Graduation on Saturday which was nothing too surprising or eventful. Sunday was also a “normal” day: laundry in the morning followed by a trip to the OKC Zoo! 🙂

Last time Tyler and I went to the Zoo the Giraffes were already put up for the night so we made a special trip to see them this time… they are amazing! By far my favorite part of this trip 🙂 Tyler and I both officially want to be Zoo Keepers together now! 🙂

This week I haven’t left the house too much (by choice) as I’ve been reading the Harry Potter Series for the first time (a little late I know) and I’ve already made it through the first two books and now I am well on my way into the third one :). Provided I get the seventh book by next week, I’ll probably be finished if not very close! 🙂 Now I can’t wait to see the movies and really watch them now!!! 🙂 Tyler and I did go see the Star Trek movie last night. It was pretty good, but for someone who had absolutely no previous knowledge of Star Trek, I was a little lost a time or two. But it was a really good movie!

This weekend is full of more rehearsals as recital season is right around the corner!!! AND Tyler’s Birthday is NEXT SUNDAY (May 24th!) He’ll be 21!!!! I can’t even believe it! We’re so OLD! (HA!) Another exciting milestone is tomorrow… One year ago from tomorrow is the day we got our baby Dashington! 🙂 It was weird when he turned a year old in March, but now hes been living with us for a whole year!!! I can’t even believe it! Time flies (a recurring theme in my blogs).

Off to read some more/ clean a little/ watch some Sabrina the Teenage Witch 🙂

Until Next Time,


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