Four Down, Three to Go :)

Well, it’s finally here… Finals week! And I’m already half way done!!!!

Yesterday I had my Costume Lab Final, Ballet Final (I GOT MOVED UP TO B!!! :)) and my Non Profit Accounting Final. All of them were pretty easy!
Today I had Jazz this morning, and then I have my Jazz Ped Final at 2pm. It’s not really a final. We had to write an 8-10 page paper making a “handbook” for teachers based on a chapter in one of our texts. It wasn’t too bad- then we are going to talk about it during the Final time.
Tomorrow I have Tap leveling in the morning, then Tap Ped in the afternoon and I’ll be DONE!!! I just need to review Tap Ped a little and I’ll be good to go!!! Then I’ll officially be a SENIOR IN COLLEGE!!! Weird!!!
I have no idea what I’m going to do once school is over… I’m going to be so bored!!! Maybe I’ll finally start the Harry Potter Series. But the summer won’t be a complete waste. Through the end of May its teaching and getting ready for two recitals. Then it’ll be off to KC for Haley’s and then for nationals in Branson. Then back to teaching. In July I’m going to be one of the RA’s for the Summer Dance Intensives and get to take classes! Then August will be teaching and getting ready for school… Not to mention babysitting when I can. 🙂 No I certainly won’t be bored will I?
As for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been BUSY!!! Last week was the MFA Thesis Show that I was ASM for. It was a quick show but so much fun! Then was Banquet!!! *See below for pictures* And this past weekend, along with ADP crew, we helped at a dance recital! So I’ve been busy busy busy and am greatly looking forward to relaxing starting Wednesday at 4pm (or as much as I can relax)!
Well, that’s about it! Can’t believe school is almost over and I’m almost a SENIOR!!! Weird.. Time sure does fly! 🙂
Until Next Time,

Me, Andi and Jenna on the Staircase to Banquet

The Amazing Ped Juniors! (ALMOST SENIORS!!!)
Tyler and I at the end of Banquet! 🙂 He’s such a trooper!

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