Tremaine Update! :)

Tremaine was WONDERFUL!!! I really love dancing! Especially when I get to really dance for seven days straight (now going on 10 tomorrow 🙂 ). It really helped reaffirm that I am in the right place for my education. The faculty really emphasized a lot of what we have been learning and the education I am getting. That was a nice little surprise. Not to mention it was just fun! Dancing all day, watching a competition all night, dancing all day again… oh man.. LOVED IT!!! 🙂 Now, I absolutely can’t wait to own my own dance studio- UGH! SO excited!!! 🙂 Dash was also so excited to see me when I got home… 🙂

(This is the hotel we stayed in, just the hotel part- it was HUGE!)

Then, after a long weekend (mainly just busy), I had school ALL day yesterday! I ended up falling asleep at 8:30pm on the couch last night, thus getting almost 11 hours of sleep :). Lame… I know… but I just can’t stay up late… I’ve never been great at it, but especially not now…. I was up til midnight Friday, 1:30am Saturday and then 11pm Sunday. I was exhausted come Monday!
The rest of the week looks calm. Class tomorrow and Thursday, followed by teaching. Friday is a 1/2 day because of Good Friday so I will only have Tap in the morning… then I teach Friday night, babysit Friday night, teach Saturday morning… Mom and Haley will be here Saturday to Sunday and I still can’t wait to see them! I’m so excited… (and I hope Haley gets to feeling better!) So just, basically coasting til the end of the semester… 30 days and counting! 🙂

Until Next Time,


P.S. Jenna introduced me to the this super cool site!
It is so neat and made me giggle… Just waiting for a new post on Sunday- new addiction? perhaps! 🙂

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