So Close… So Much To Do!

So, it’s been a VERY long time since my last update… Basically, life has been crazy busy!!!!
There are only two weeks left in the semester and then three days of finals! It does not feel like the semester is almost over yet, probably because there is so much left to happen in these two and a half weeks!

In the next two weeks I have the following “big” things to accomplish:
Scholarship Letter due Wednesday
PR Writing Lab due Thursday (won’t get it until Tuesday)
PR Writing Final Part One on Friday
Teaching my Pre-Ballet class their final version of their dance 🙂
Load-in through Load-out of a show (in a three day period)
Jazz Ped Teaching Project next Thursday
Then Finals week! Three on Monday, Two on Tuesday, and Two on Wednesday then I’m DONE!!! 🙂

I can’t believe the end of the semester is almost here!!!! Then for a nice relaxing summer, hopefully!

Until Next Time,


Tremaine Update! :)

Tremaine was WONDERFUL!!! I really love dancing! Especially when I get to really dance for seven days straight (now going on 10 tomorrow 🙂 ). It really helped reaffirm that I am in the right place for my education. The faculty really emphasized a lot of what we have been learning and the education I am getting. That was a nice little surprise. Not to mention it was just fun! Dancing all day, watching a competition all night, dancing all day again… oh man.. LOVED IT!!! 🙂 Now, I absolutely can’t wait to own my own dance studio- UGH! SO excited!!! 🙂 Dash was also so excited to see me when I got home… 🙂

(This is the hotel we stayed in, just the hotel part- it was HUGE!)

Then, after a long weekend (mainly just busy), I had school ALL day yesterday! I ended up falling asleep at 8:30pm on the couch last night, thus getting almost 11 hours of sleep :). Lame… I know… but I just can’t stay up late… I’ve never been great at it, but especially not now…. I was up til midnight Friday, 1:30am Saturday and then 11pm Sunday. I was exhausted come Monday!
The rest of the week looks calm. Class tomorrow and Thursday, followed by teaching. Friday is a 1/2 day because of Good Friday so I will only have Tap in the morning… then I teach Friday night, babysit Friday night, teach Saturday morning… Mom and Haley will be here Saturday to Sunday and I still can’t wait to see them! I’m so excited… (and I hope Haley gets to feeling better!) So just, basically coasting til the end of the semester… 30 days and counting! 🙂

Until Next Time,


P.S. Jenna introduced me to the this super cool site!
It is so neat and made me giggle… Just waiting for a new post on Sunday- new addiction? perhaps! 🙂

Exciting Times :)

Well, I’m off to Tulsa tomorrow, for my first big girl trip! I’m a little nervous, anxious and excited! It should be tons of fun… I am going to miss Tyler and Dash but its only for a couple of days and will be a great learning experience! I’ll have class tomorrow from 9-4, then I’ll teach my Pre-ballet class and then I’ll be on the road! 🙂 Now, all thats left is to pack! 🙂 My newly purchased Katrina wear is all ready for packing! 🙂 My goal is to pack light… HA, good luck!

I also just found out today that my Mom and Haley are going to come visit next weekend!!! 🙂 I am SOOOOOO excited!!!! I’ve been missing them ALOT lately and I’m so glad they are coming, even if its for such a short time!!! 🙂

Overall, it’s been a GREAT day… 🙂 Now off to packing! 🙂

Until Next Time,