Music and Mystery

This morning Tyler and I awoke to someone having broken into his toolbox on his truck. All of his tools for work were gone. 😦 After the initial shock, we called the police and made a report (not that anything can be done). Luckily, we have renters insurance that covered at least SOME of it, so Tyler will get to replace most (if not all) of his tools…

On a brighter note, tomorrow marks Tyler and I’s three and a half year anniversary!!! Can you believe it?! We have been dating for approximately 1,275 days! That is UNBELIEVABLE! We are only 20 years old!!! No big plans of celebration, just enjoying each other’s company! I do find it funny that after being together for this long, I still learn new things about Tyler on an almost daily basis. Like just yesterday we were driving around doing our errands and I noticed/ discovered that Tyler has impeccable musicality. He hears the tiniest of sounds within a song… it’s really quite amazing. And of course I notice these things being a dancer and all. 🙂 I fall more and more in love with him everyday! 🙂 (mushy- I know)

Sunday is Dashington’s Birthday! He will be one year old!!! My baby is getting SO big!!! (or maybe just old haha) 🙂 I’m trying to decide if I want to have a “birthday” party for him at the park on Sunday. Anyone know what the weather is supposed to be like on this Sunday? Me neither 🙂 Dashy is my baby and he has been through SO much in his first year of life. He has always been the best dog in the world through it all… my little pirate dog 🙂

The new trick he learned! 🙂 I’ve never had a dog that would “sit pretty” until him, and it’s so funny because he’s so long! 🙂

As for this week, it’s busy busy busy. AND enrollment for my SENIOR year of College!!! How weird is that?! Time certainly does fly! Although, I’m not exactly excited about my schedule for next year, I am excited to be this close to the end (of Undergrad). It’s all so surreal. I still feel like and think of my self as the little 16 year old girl just learning to drive. Although that wasn’t long ago, it is still weird to think about how much has happened since then…

Until Next Time,


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