Clutter Free… Hopefully Soon

Spring Break has been fabulous! I haven’t EXACTLY stuck to my plan, but it’s been a nice break none-the-less.

Sunday was a typically Sunday like planned. Monday, I did stay in bed MOST of the day…. When Tyler came home we went to Braum’s to get some milk and dinner (after I pitched a royal fit about giving up my plan for the day). As “punishment” I decided to take Tuesday as another “personal” day, thus blowing the whole weeks plan… I decided to get back on track today and ACTUALLY did research for my Problem Solving Projects (by research I mean, “googling” and “bookmarking”). I did get some things done around the apartment though.
I was also website browsing this afternoon (after getting on an organizational kick). I really enjoy the “realsimple” website. They have great ideas! I already get the magazine and I thought I would browse the website too (for some tips on closet clutter). While browsing, I discovered (or admitted) that I have a “clutter” mindset. I typically use lines like… “One day this might come in handy,” or “I need to buy a special gadget to help me get organized,” both of which are statements Gretchen Rubin on her RealSimple Blog said are “symptoms” of a “clutter mentality.” (see link).
Now, I just need to tackle the ever pressing issue of cleaning the closet out. It certainly has a clutter mentality. I would show you a picture, but instead I found a comic version of my closet… (courtesy of
Here is what I would like my closet to soon look like….
(courtesy of
When my closet looks like this, I will post a picture of it on here 🙂
Until Next Time,

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