Spring Break Begins!

It is officially Spring Break! No more classes to attend for one week! This week went really well. My teaching project was a success and I’m almost over my cold. The Spring Show is also well on its way. One down, One just started and two to go. We just need to finish tonights show (10:30-11ish), teach my Pre-Ballet class tomorrow, 2 shows tomorrow, costume strike and then it is OFFICIALLY officially Spring Break!

Here is a list of what MUST get done for the week after Spring Break:

1) Tap Pedagogy Problem Solving Project

2) Jazz Pedagogy Problem Solving Project & Presentation

3) PR Writing Newsletter Project

To inspire myself, I came up with an acronym. It all started because, in my calendar, I wrote S-P-R-I-N-G spelled out over the week starting on Sunday, then on Saturday it says “Break” (but that’s not important)… Here is what I came up with for my inspiration for the week..

S on Sunday is for “Standard Sunday”- meaning I will have a normal sunday that includes resting and laundry

P on Monday is for “Personal”- As I mentioned in a previous post, I will NOT be getting out of bed Monday. Monday is my day to do whatever I want- ie, sleeping 🙂

R on Tuesday is for “Reading/Research”- I will be reading and researching information for my projects

I on Wednesday is for “Information”- I will be putting together all of the information and/or continuing to gather information for my projects

N on Thursday is for “Navigate”- I will be navigating to the finished product of my projects

G on Friday is for “Goal”- I will have reached my goal, and hopefully finished a majority of my projects by this point

After this is all accomplished, I will spend Saturday, hopefully, celebrating Tyler and I’s anniversary, and then Sunday will be another “Standard” Sunday! 🙂

Back to reality: To occupy myself during last nights show… I ordered a Katrina wear unitard to wear to Tremaine in April.. I’m so excited and can’t wait for it to get here!!!

Well, enough blogging… back to “work!”

Until Next Time,

P.S. This is the most AMAZING Costume Crew EVER- with our own costumes 🙂

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