The Show is ALMOST Here!

TECH HAS BEEN AMAZING!!! Both Monday night and Tuesday night we were completely done and on our way home by 11pm! That is a RECORD! Last night, they were done running the second act at 9pm! This has NEVER happened before!!! But, then we had to wait for notes, costumes to get returned, etc.

I officially have 2 hours until I am mentally on Spring Break! I have my Tap Ped Teaching Project at 3pm and then I am DONE!!!! All the work is done, now its just a matter of teaching my material to my best friends for an hour and then home I go! I will be taking a nap before rehearsal tonight!

All I know, is I can’t wait until Monday of Spring Break when I will be doing NOTHING but staying in bed, watching movies and reading books! That’s it.. I won’t get out of bed ONCE! 🙂 I shouldn’t‘ complain though, today has been a really great day… I was able to get my project bound, went to the dollar store and got some trinkets and then made it to school before my first class (10am since Tap was cancelled). AND all my grades were posted and I am really please with them! 🙂 I just hope my teaching project (which was surprisingly EASY) goes as well as the rest of my day! 🙂

So, I am looking forward to my teaching project being completely done, my nap, dress rehearsal and SPRING BREAK!!!

An “oldie” but goodie that was sent to the ENTIRE campus yesterday, to promote the Spring Show this year! 🙂 “Everybody cut Footloose!”

Until Next Time,


P.S. By request… SHOUT OUT TO JENNA! 🙂


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