Show Week and the Future

Today starts SHOW WEEK 2009! I have one more class at 3pm, then a break from 4-7! I need to get working on my Teaching Project for Tap Ped– (BIG TIME!). Then it’s off to the theatre to an awfully late night of rehearsals!!! I have a feeling it will be a VERY late night too. But I love what I do so it won’t be that bad….

For my Tap Ped class we also had to write a Dance Studio Policy Letter. It was basically to get us thinking about our future schools that we want to own. I thought this project was going to be a big pain. It actually turned out to be really fun! (Nerd alert!) It was fun writing the “rules” for my future studio (which I know will be fine-tuned later), designing the layout, coming up with a name and a design theme! It was just really fun! It made me think about how exciting it will be to FINALLY open my own studio!

I think it is amazing how this (opening a studio) has been my DREAM since I was basically 5. And now, I am WELL on my way to making my dreams come true! It’s all just so exciting!!! 🙂 Dreams really can and do come true!!! 🙂

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