Mental Preparation

Every Friday I have a break between classes from 10-12. I always sit in our on campus cafe (Alvins) and drink my Dr. Pepper and prepare myself for the upcoming week… (I’m a creature of habit)… And today is no different… Knowing that this weekend/week are going to be crazy… I knew I would need the whole two hours to compile my list of “to dos.” Besides being in the theatre for potentially 20 hours this weekend alone, then a week full of late night rehearsals, I think I was over estimating how bad this week would be…I do have to do my Tap Ped. Journals (4), a Dance Studio Policy Letter, and my Tap Ped Teaching Project, all before 3pm on Wednesday… However, when that is finished… I will be done for the week- minus showing up to classes and rehearsals 🙂 Then I will most definitely be in SPRING BREAK MODE!!!!

I am still beyond exhausted and incredibly excited for the break coming up, the next 9 days won’t be too horrible *knocks on wood*

Until next time,


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