Happy Birthday Dash!

Today is Sir Dashington Clark’s 1st Birthday!!! He’s not a puppy anymore (or so Tyler says- I disagree). Unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to get him a present yet… but we will… 🙂 My baby is growing up! He spent most of the day sleeping and then playing with his toys- oh the life of a dog (or puppy 🙂 ).

Dash @ 7 weeks old- the night we brought him home 🙂

Tomorrow starts another new week… and Pre-Enrollment for my SENIOR YEAR!!! I don’t think I will have any problems getting the classes I want. I will only have (at the most) 15 hours next semester! I may not get to take Ballet, however- it all depends on how leveling goes at the end of the semester, but we’ll see! If I can’t take Ballet, I’ll only have 13 hours and I’ll never start the major bulk of my classes until 3pm (1:30 if I can take Ballet!). I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life! And then for the Spring, I will only have 9 Credit Hours left to enroll in! That means I should, scheduling provided, be able to take all three styles of dance my final semester of Undergrad! 🙂

On Friday, I am taking my first SOLO road trip! It should be exciting! I’m going to Tulsa for the Tremaine Dance Convention (that I bought my Katrinawear for 🙂 ). I’m so excited, and praying that my car will make it there and back!

Other than that, the semester is wrapping itself up. Only 38 more days (including weekends and finals) until the semester if officially over! Thirty-eight days that include a road trip, Assistant Stage Managing a show and Finals (in the big picture). It will be over before I know it! Well, it’s time to get back to homework!

Until Next Time,


Music and Mystery

This morning Tyler and I awoke to someone having broken into his toolbox on his truck. All of his tools for work were gone. 😦 After the initial shock, we called the police and made a report (not that anything can be done). Luckily, we have renters insurance that covered at least SOME of it, so Tyler will get to replace most (if not all) of his tools…

On a brighter note, tomorrow marks Tyler and I’s three and a half year anniversary!!! Can you believe it?! We have been dating for approximately 1,275 days! That is UNBELIEVABLE! We are only 20 years old!!! No big plans of celebration, just enjoying each other’s company! I do find it funny that after being together for this long, I still learn new things about Tyler on an almost daily basis. Like just yesterday we were driving around doing our errands and I noticed/ discovered that Tyler has impeccable musicality. He hears the tiniest of sounds within a song… it’s really quite amazing. And of course I notice these things being a dancer and all. 🙂 I fall more and more in love with him everyday! 🙂 (mushy- I know)

Sunday is Dashington’s Birthday! He will be one year old!!! My baby is getting SO big!!! (or maybe just old haha) 🙂 I’m trying to decide if I want to have a “birthday” party for him at the park on Sunday. Anyone know what the weather is supposed to be like on this Sunday? Me neither 🙂 Dashy is my baby and he has been through SO much in his first year of life. He has always been the best dog in the world through it all… my little pirate dog 🙂

The new trick he learned! 🙂 I’ve never had a dog that would “sit pretty” until him, and it’s so funny because he’s so long! 🙂

As for this week, it’s busy busy busy. AND enrollment for my SENIOR year of College!!! How weird is that?! Time certainly does fly! Although, I’m not exactly excited about my schedule for next year, I am excited to be this close to the end (of Undergrad). It’s all so surreal. I still feel like and think of my self as the little 16 year old girl just learning to drive. Although that wasn’t long ago, it is still weird to think about how much has happened since then…

Until Next Time,


Web-Finds :)

Another day filled with Web-surfing. Oh, how I will miss Spring Break. 🙂

On RealSimple.com I found these beautiful wedding dresses in an article discussing the perfect wedding dress for your body type… these are two that fit my body type and ones I thought were the most beautiful….

I’m not necessarily on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress yet, but my inner child loves to look at them 🙂

I also found this really neat idea for art work that I would love to do with my puppy…

This was on Martha Stewart’s Website. Plus, my puppy is a dachshund too! 🙂 We’d have to use a black background though, since Dash is white.

Goal for the rest of the week: Don’t be LAZY!!! 🙂

Until Next Time,

Clutter Free… Hopefully Soon

Spring Break has been fabulous! I haven’t EXACTLY stuck to my plan, but it’s been a nice break none-the-less.

Sunday was a typically Sunday like planned. Monday, I did stay in bed MOST of the day…. When Tyler came home we went to Braum’s to get some milk and dinner (after I pitched a royal fit about giving up my plan for the day). As “punishment” I decided to take Tuesday as another “personal” day, thus blowing the whole weeks plan… I decided to get back on track today and ACTUALLY did research for my Problem Solving Projects (by research I mean, “googling” and “bookmarking”). I did get some things done around the apartment though.
I was also website browsing this afternoon (after getting on an organizational kick). I really enjoy the “realsimple” website. They have great ideas! I already get the magazine and I thought I would browse the website too (for some tips on closet clutter). While browsing, I discovered (or admitted) that I have a “clutter” mindset. I typically use lines like… “One day this might come in handy,” or “I need to buy a special gadget to help me get organized,” both of which are statements Gretchen Rubin on her RealSimple Blog said are “symptoms” of a “clutter mentality.” http://simplystated.realsimple.com/simplystated/2009/03/do-you-suffer-f.html (see link).
Now, I just need to tackle the ever pressing issue of cleaning the closet out. It certainly has a clutter mentality. I would show you a picture, but instead I found a comic version of my closet… (courtesy of clutterbusterssc.com)
Here is what I would like my closet to soon look like….
(courtesy of goodhousekeeping.com)
When my closet looks like this, I will post a picture of it on here 🙂
Until Next Time,

Spring Break Begins!

It is officially Spring Break! No more classes to attend for one week! This week went really well. My teaching project was a success and I’m almost over my cold. The Spring Show is also well on its way. One down, One just started and two to go. We just need to finish tonights show (10:30-11ish), teach my Pre-Ballet class tomorrow, 2 shows tomorrow, costume strike and then it is OFFICIALLY officially Spring Break!

Here is a list of what MUST get done for the week after Spring Break:

1) Tap Pedagogy Problem Solving Project

2) Jazz Pedagogy Problem Solving Project & Presentation

3) PR Writing Newsletter Project

To inspire myself, I came up with an acronym. It all started because, in my calendar, I wrote S-P-R-I-N-G spelled out over the week starting on Sunday, then on Saturday it says “Break” (but that’s not important)… Here is what I came up with for my inspiration for the week..

S on Sunday is for “Standard Sunday”- meaning I will have a normal sunday that includes resting and laundry

P on Monday is for “Personal”- As I mentioned in a previous post, I will NOT be getting out of bed Monday. Monday is my day to do whatever I want- ie, sleeping 🙂

R on Tuesday is for “Reading/Research”- I will be reading and researching information for my projects

I on Wednesday is for “Information”- I will be putting together all of the information and/or continuing to gather information for my projects

N on Thursday is for “Navigate”- I will be navigating to the finished product of my projects

G on Friday is for “Goal”- I will have reached my goal, and hopefully finished a majority of my projects by this point

After this is all accomplished, I will spend Saturday, hopefully, celebrating Tyler and I’s anniversary, and then Sunday will be another “Standard” Sunday! 🙂

Back to reality: To occupy myself during last nights show… I ordered a Katrina wear unitard to wear to Tremaine in April.. I’m so excited and can’t wait for it to get here!!!

Well, enough blogging… back to “work!”

Until Next Time,

P.S. This is the most AMAZING Costume Crew EVER- with our own costumes 🙂

The Show is ALMOST Here!

TECH HAS BEEN AMAZING!!! Both Monday night and Tuesday night we were completely done and on our way home by 11pm! That is a RECORD! Last night, they were done running the second act at 9pm! This has NEVER happened before!!! But, then we had to wait for notes, costumes to get returned, etc.

I officially have 2 hours until I am mentally on Spring Break! I have my Tap Ped Teaching Project at 3pm and then I am DONE!!!! All the work is done, now its just a matter of teaching my material to my best friends for an hour and then home I go! I will be taking a nap before rehearsal tonight!

All I know, is I can’t wait until Monday of Spring Break when I will be doing NOTHING but staying in bed, watching movies and reading books! That’s it.. I won’t get out of bed ONCE! 🙂 I shouldn’t‘ complain though, today has been a really great day… I was able to get my project bound, went to the dollar store and got some trinkets and then made it to school before my first class (10am since Tap was cancelled). AND all my grades were posted and I am really please with them! 🙂 I just hope my teaching project (which was surprisingly EASY) goes as well as the rest of my day! 🙂

So, I am looking forward to my teaching project being completely done, my nap, dress rehearsal and SPRING BREAK!!!

An “oldie” but goodie that was sent to the ENTIRE campus yesterday, to promote the Spring Show this year! 🙂 “Everybody cut Footloose!”

Until Next Time,


P.S. By request… SHOUT OUT TO JENNA! 🙂

Show Week and the Future

Today starts SHOW WEEK 2009! I have one more class at 3pm, then a break from 4-7! I need to get working on my Teaching Project for Tap Ped– (BIG TIME!). Then it’s off to the theatre to an awfully late night of rehearsals!!! I have a feeling it will be a VERY late night too. But I love what I do so it won’t be that bad….

For my Tap Ped class we also had to write a Dance Studio Policy Letter. It was basically to get us thinking about our future schools that we want to own. I thought this project was going to be a big pain. It actually turned out to be really fun! (Nerd alert!) It was fun writing the “rules” for my future studio (which I know will be fine-tuned later), designing the layout, coming up with a name and a design theme! It was just really fun! It made me think about how exciting it will be to FINALLY open my own studio!

I think it is amazing how this (opening a studio) has been my DREAM since I was basically 5. And now, I am WELL on my way to making my dreams come true! It’s all just so exciting!!! 🙂 Dreams really can and do come true!!! 🙂

Until Next Time,