It’s ALMOST Friday! :)

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted- nothing “post-worthy” has really happened! It has been a busy couple of days. This week especially! Well let’s back up…

On Friday the 20th, I had a girl’s craft night with my 3 best friends! I decorated a denim bag… it’s pretty cute 🙂 Then on Saturday I woke up early and went to teach my Pre-Ballet class. Saturday night I babysat two of the sweetest girls in the world. And ended up playing Doctor Megan on Sunday morning with a little one who apparently ended up with the flu… 😦 *crossing my fingers I don’t get it – which I haven’t knock on wood* Then Sunday I relaxed! I’m not used to doing things every day! I enjoy my resting time 🙂

This week has been just as busy. It has been a week full of meetings and class and homework and what not. Tonight is my first real night to sit back and relax! Amen… but I am missing Free Movie Night at school- but I needed a night in! Tomorrow I will not be teaching my Pre-Ballet class because I am working sound for the American Spirit Dance Company’s performance for people from Lincoln Center! Pretty exciting- only I have no idea what to expect- and neither does anyone else really… Then Saturday night I might be babysitting again and then resting on Sunday for busy week #2 followed by busy week #3 followed by SPRING BREAK where I plan on resting/ getting ahead on projects/ reading Harry Potter 🙂

I found this picture online when I was trying to show Tyler a picture of a “needle” or “6 O’Clock” in the dance world and this is what I came across. I think its absolutely beautiful and wish I could look like this! 😉 (that will never happen haha)

This is the picture my puppy and I took today when I got home from school. He was sitting in my lap while I was trying to check my email so I brought up my camera and he decided to look in the right direction!!! He’s my baby and I love him tons! I can’t BELIEVE he will be 1 year old in a month- CRAZY!!!!

Well that is about all for today- hopefully my posts won’t be this boring all the time! Haha… Well Happy almost Friday!!!




Hey everyone!

I decided (with help from Elizabeth) to start my own blog. With only a year and a half left of college (OH MAN!) I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog and get used to it so that once I’ve graduated I will be in the practice of updating it so everyone can keep up with each other!

Just another “normal” day in the life of a college student. A day filled with laundry, TV watching and putting off homework. 🙂 Not to mention the mental preparation of the next week!

Tomorrow is my “20 and 1/2 birthday”!!! Crazy! Tomorrow is also President’s Day and my little sister does not have school= JEALOUS! (only not really). Tomorrow will start with Tap at 9am. It sounds dreadful but its actually not. When you are doing what you love… its totally worth it!!!

I do have a test tomorrow night in Non-Profit Accounting! (haven’t really started studying yet.. YIKES!!!) Nothing else really EXCITING to look forward to! It should be a rather uneventful day.

Well, I just wanted to get this started so… here ya go! 🙂 Happy Belated Valentine’s Day- Happy 1/2 Birthday to me.. and Happy Monday to everyone else!!! I’ll be back…